Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Field of 12 is set

All the playoff teams and matchups are set up. There are some holdovers but quite a few surprises and new teams in the playoffs. Coming into this season, only 5 franchises had never made the playoffs- we're now down to 2 (Buffalo and Boston).


The top seed will be Austin (102-60), which broke Houston's streak of 7 consecutive division titles (Houston will miss the playoffs for the first time ever despite winning 90 games). Austin makes its first ever playoff appearance in style. The defending champs, Atlanta (100-62), will be the #2 seed and grab the other bye.

First Round

Salt Lake City (98-64) slugged their way to a second straight NL West title and will be the third seed. They'll draw #6 Trenton (92-70) in the first round. These teams finished 1-2 in the NL in OPS, so expect to see some offense. If Dunwoody, Sprague, and company can limit the production of Hernandez, Lowe, Bong, and the rest of the Salt Lake City lineup, I give Trenton a good shot. If not, Salt Lake City should take this series.

#4 Philadelphia (79-83) became only the second team below .500 to make the playoffs (Las Vegas won the AL West in season 5 at 79-83) and snapped Fargo's streak of 6 straight division titles. They'll face off against playoff newcomer #5 Washington (95-67), led by their young pitchers, Carter Leonard and John Balfour. Philadelphia can match up with the young pitching with the likes of stalwarts Bernard Robinson, Harry Lee, and Albert Herzog, but I don't think they can score enough runs. I'd favor Washington to advance.


In the AL, St. Louis (110-52) will be the top seed for the first time ever in franchise history, as they ran away with their second straight AL North title. The #2 seed will be the defending AL West and American League champion Seattle Killer Whales (106-56).

First Round

#3 Monterrey (98-64) won ten in a row to finish the season, and the playoff-veteran team will play first-time entry Boise (84-78). Boise most certainly has enough offense, but I'm not sure they have the pitching. I think Monterrey will win, but expect Barry McEnroe to have a coming out party.

#4 Louisville (92-70) won its 8th straight division title. They'll get a resurgent Helena team (89-73), the #5 seed, in round 1. This should be a good matchup- I think Louisville's depth will make the difference, but this could go either way.

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