Monday, January 18, 2010

Helena Pulls Upset.

After the first two games in St. Louis, I thought the mighty Rage would win in three games sweeping me out of the playoffs yet again. The Kitties barely hit the ball in the first two games. Then disaster struck in the third game for the Rage. First they sent Billy Nation to the mound, as you might know he was run out of Helena facing backwards on a jackass. He wasn't too popular with the fans or management as you know. Then to make matters worse, starting CF Gary Nelson went down with a season ending injury. The the Hidden Kitties had the game well in hand then they allowed the Rage to storm back and tie the game in the 9th and take the lead in the 10th. The offense would have none of that as they win the game with two runs in the bottom of the 10th. Momentum changed at that very moment, game 4 saw the Kitty staff shut down the mighty Rage offense for a 7-4 win. The final game saw the mighty Rage nearly hitless but managed to squeak two runs across the plate and lead the game till the 9th inning when the bottom of the Kittie order made their offensive prowess felt scoring 2.

The Rage had a wonderful season. Did one injury cost them the series? That we will never know. To me it seemed the bull pen let them down the most all of a sudden where the Kittie litter excelled.

Now it is off the Seattle to meet our favorite divisional opponent (not!). Believe it or not, they are the only other opponent we did not have an even or winning record against going 2-8 also. Could history repeat itself yet again in the playoffs for Helena? It will be a tough series. The only advantage for the Kitties is that the Killer Whales offense/defense is not well rested. Can the Kitty pitching staff shut down another high powered offense?

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