Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helena Wins Round 1!

For the second time in six tries the organization has advanced to the 2nd round. "That is a big hurdle!" I declare. The keys to victory was simple, the second best (or maybe third depending on whose eyes you look through) pitching staff in the AL shut down the the best hitting team. Louisville has a very good team and a very formidable opponent, there is no denying that.

Now it is off to St. Louis and the mighty River City Rage. What a series this could turn out to be. Two of the best pitching staffs square off against each other. The Rage have a slight edge in pitching and hitting as defense is about equal. The season series was handily won by the Rage 8-2. However our two wins came in St. Louis splitting a four game series. Keys to victory, must win the opening two games in a very hostile environment and find a way to win one at home. If it is a split in St. Louis, don't expect the Growling Kitties to recover. If it goes 5 games the advantage still goes to the Rage as it will be tough to win three in their park. The table is set, Play Ball!!!

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