Saturday, March 13, 2010

72 games into the season

Highs and lows from the season thus far:


Best Team: Austin. They are proving that last season's rise to the top of the NL was no fluke. At 53-19, they are dominating not just the NL South but the entire National League.

Worst Team: Pittsburgh and Salem come in tied at 23-49. Both teams are in a similar position, having dealt their stars after past success and going through a rebuilding stage.

Biggest Surprise: Kansas City. Their win totals the past 5 seasons have been 69, 68, 75, 74, and 71, respectively. This season, they have started 40-32 and would make the playoffs if they started today.

Biggest Disappointment: Washington D.C. Last season's top wild card team looked ready to ascend to the NL's elite with a mix of veterans and young stars like Carter Leonard and Willis Biddle. They've struggled out of the gate with a 35-37 record.


Best Team: Louisville. They're a bit of an anomaly; a veteran laden team with past success that still somehow seems to be on the upswing. They lead the entire AL at 46-26 and at this pace could threaten their franchise record for wins at 105.

Worst Team: Again, we have two rebuilding teams tied; Milwaukee and Scranton are 29-43. Milwaukee has almost completely divested themselves of the veterans who helped fuel the runs to 4 straight AL championships and Scranton is still trying to build around former #1 pick Turner Dolan.

Biggest Surprise: Yet another tie. St. Louis dominated the AL North last season, winning by 46 games. This season, they find themselves looking up at Cincinnati and Buffalo (both 39-33), albeit by one game. In Buffalo, A.J. Leonard has already risen to stardom while in Cincinnati, closer Dave Stewart has turned back the clock and is having a lights-out season thus far.

Biggest Disappointment: Boise. Another trendy pick to contend in the AL West, their lack of pitching has finally caught up with them as they sit 34-38, 7 games off the pace set by Las Vegas and 6 behind the AL Champs in Seattle.

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