Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Problems in the Desert

Reporting live from Jackson is Jamie Bell. "With our favorite team moving into 1st place you would think things would be jovial around here! To popular belief GM firesign is at wits end even though the team being very hot as of late. A 23 game stretch between off days and most of them on the road will cause that. With two more games in Jackson and three at Monterrey and a starting pitcher on the blink, who will miss a start, you can understand his anxiety. To top it off the Amateur Draft looms big in Cat land with six picks in the top 83. The AL West appears to be a bit congested with everyone on the doorstep."

"I dared a peek in the War Room yesterday even though the sign said "KEEP OUT". Computer had four or more pages being switched back and forth, paper everywhere. During a coffee break I just had to ask what he was doing." "Have to get the top 25 right in the draft and it looks very weak to me!" he said with disdain. " Another HS draft on tap so it seems." He said furiously. "Then again if the Bipster had let me spend money in scouting it might be easier." he added. Oh well I thought, he can clean his own War Room!!!!

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