Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Half Way Point

Here we are at the halfway point of the season and a look at the beginning of season predictions.

AL North

I still like the prediction of the River City Rage finishing the division in first place not by a landslide though. They sit in second place one game back of the Simpletons. My thinking is Buffalo could easily finish in 2nd place and the Simpletons very close behind in 3rd. Milwaukee needs a big win streak at this time to just catch up and that seems unlikely.

AL East

The Legends are trying to run away with the division. Boston is trying to stay close. New York is much better but the bench has failed them. Scranton still has pitching woes more than anything else. I don't see the Legends faltering which leaves Boston trying for a wild card.

AL South

Monterrey is in 1st place with Jackson in their hip pocket once again. Montgomery hasn't given up either and Charlotte is still in the running. This one may not provide an actual front runner until the after All-Star break division series and even then may go down to the wire. I still like Monterrey's chances with Jackson and maybe Montgomery fighting for 2nd and a playoff spot at the end.

AL West

Las Vegas is in 1st with Seattle right there. Boise has fallen off the pace a bit. Anaheim is better than their record indicates. Looks like Vegas and Seattle will fight it out to the end, sound familiar? The second place team could wind up with a wild card spot easily enough. Don't count Boise out either as they could easily pick up the pace and put themselves into the thick of things. Look for things to finish the same as last year IMHO.

Analysis: The AL is a wild and woolly bunch with every one really still in the mix for a wild card.

NL North

Fargo finds themselves in 1st place with a surprising Kansas City in their shadow. Philly was predicted to take 2nd but need to up their game. Pittsburgh is languishing in last as expected and out of the hunt after the early season sell off to reshape the team. Can Fargo hold on to the top spot is the question.

NL East

The fight here is between Atlanta and Trenton with everyone else pretty much out of it already. Will Atlanta hold on? Is Trenton glad they took my early season advice?

NL South

Austin is already printing playoff tickets. Egads 60+ wins and not even All-Star break. Huntington is still in the mix for a wild card with everyone else pretty much out of it.

NL West

Vancouver is in first with Salt Lake fighting to hang on at the moment. Not much fight from the two.

Analysis: The NL only has 9 teams in contention for the playoffs at the moment. Chances are that Austin has claimed one of the six already, so that leaves 8 teams fighting for the remaining five.

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