Monday, March 1, 2010

A Change in the Desert

Reporting live from New York is Jamie Bell! "How is my hair? Is my makeup ok?" "Oooops!" "At a New York press conference today the owner of the Las Vegas Sand Cats, Bip Yeager, announced the signing of Felipe Cela and the release of veteran pitcher Vic Chavez". "He said it was with a heavy heart and wishes Vic well and hopes he returns as a pitching coach." "Felipe is to join the team for tomorrows game with New York."

"It has been rumored that the deal had been in the works for a while as Vic Chavez's numbers have plummeted this season but was one of the teams best pitchers last season. Stoic GM and skipper, firesign, defended him for as long as he could but even he agreed the numbers were getting frightful."

"When it was announced that Dunwoody was available, the Bipster-O-Meter was said to have went ballistic, I garnered in a private conversation with an anonymous tipster. GM firesign had to once again put things in perspective for the spend happy owner. Also rumored was that firesign was looking heavily into a trade for Cap Herrera. In a conversation with his publicist however, those rumors could be true but Cap would refuse a trade that would put him in RF. It was a well known fact that the Sand Cats were actively pursuing Stephen Mills as their DH and backup 1B in the off season but with the season Willie Sierra has put together, it doesn't look like anything may happen on that front."

"Reporting live from New York this is Jamie Bell!" "Was that Ok? Did I do good? eh

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