Saturday, June 21, 2008

30 Games to GO....

Lets see how things are shaping up for the playoff run.

AL North: It appears that the Milwaukee Manic Maulers has things well in control for the time being as the Toledo Mud Hens find them 14 games back.

AL East: The
Louisville Legends has the division well under control with a 14 game lead over the Huntington Beachcombers.

AL South: The
Monterrey Sultans only need 6 games to mathematically clinch the division already as the Nashville Sounds are their biggest concern at 24 games back.

AL West: The
Anaheim Chiles have a somewhat comfortable 9 game lead over the Las Vegas Gamblers. This is the closest race in the AL for a division title, the Gamblers will need to start having consistency if they are going to have a chance.

AL Wild Card: The
Toledo Mud Hens and Cleveland Skidmarks are currently holding down the final two spots at this time. The Nashville Sounds are 6 to 8 games back in this race but can't seem to gain any ground.

AL Current Seeding:

Monterrey Sultans
Milwaukee Manic Maulers - Only 2 games back of the #1 seed
Louisville Legends
4. Anaheim Chiles
Toledo Mud Hens
6. Cleveland Skidmarks - Only 2 games behind the #5 seed

NL North: The
Fargo Dirtbags hold a comfortable lead in the division by 11 games over the Chicago Cubs. 11 games are tough to make up but not impossible.

NL East: The
Trenton Traffic currently hold an 8 game lead over the Atlanta Bandits and the Norfolk Destroyers. Atlanta was the only team to gain ground this week and only over the Destroyers.

NL South:
The Houston Riverdogs are out in front by 9 games over the Memphis Short Grass and the San Juan Dead Bunnies, both of which lost ground to the Riverdogs.

NL West:
The Salem Sacrifices hold the top spot with the Arizona Diamondbacks striking at their heels at 4 games back. This is the tightest race in the world for a division title and could come down to the last game of the season.

NL Wild Card: The
Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Diamondbacks currently hold the positions but things could change abruptly. The D'Backs could take the West dropping Salem here or with serious contention from the Toronto Toros.

NL Current Seeding:

Fargo Dirtbags
Salem Sacrifices - 8 games behind the #1 seed
Houston Riverdogs - 4 games behind the #2 seed
Trenton Traffic - 1 game behind the #3 seed
Chicago Cubs
Arizona Diamondbacks - 1 game behind the #5 seed, 4 games behind the #2 seed
Toronto Toros - 5 games in back of the #6 seed

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