Monday, June 23, 2008

The NL and Their Murky Playoff Spots

And just when you thought is was safe to go home, here comes the NL playoff picture. The playoffs are worse here than the muddied AL fighting for two or three spots. The NL has 10 teams fighting for 5 spots and that makes it hard to decipher everything that could happen at the moment.

The Fargo Dirtbags are sittin pretty happy at the moment needing about 10 wins to wrap up the NL North and the #1 seed, barring another team suddenly winning 20 in a row that is. Even with that happening they would only need to win 12 at the most and that is a little under .500.

The Trenton Traffic is getting serious competition from the Atlanta Bandits who cut the Traffic lead to 5 games all of a sudden in the NL East. The Bandits also leap-frogged over the Norfolk Destroyers with their sudden emergence.

Houston Riverdogs have barked their way to a 5 game win streak that has the Memphis Short Grass and San Juan Dead Bunnies eating their dust.

Salem Sacrifices still lead the NL West, but the Arizona Diamondbacks have cut their slim lead in half to 2 games.

Chicago Cubs, Toronto Toros, Atlanta Bandits, Norfolk Destroyers, and Memphis Short Grass all have a shot at a playoff spot at this time.

The Cubs, Toros and the Short Grass all have excitingly bad schedules as they play most of the other playoff hopefuls, so they are in charge of their own destinies.

The Bandits and
Destroyers have to play their division mates and one of the two has a good chance at making the playoffs.

The NL will have a very wild finish overall. With few playoffs spots taken at the moment, the war begins.

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