Monday, June 23, 2008

The Suddenly Interesting AL Playoff Picture

Normally I would wait till there was 20 games to go to make an update to the playoff picture, but that would put things in the middle of quite a few on-going series. For starters the Monterrey Sultans have wrapped their 2nd AL South Title..CONGRATS Acer!. The #1 seed is still in question with Milwaukee Manic Maulers still in the hunt for that coveted spot. Though I am not sure whether being the #1 or #2 seed really makes that much of a difference. The Louisville Legends have a comfortable lead also for the #3 seed, but after that things have gone haywire for several teams.

With the Cornjerkers visting the desert playground, they should have been playing ball instead of jerking slot machines, as the Gamblers took 4 games and put their playoff hopes in serious jeopardy.

Anaheim Chiles have been floundering, playing playoff teams and hopefuls on the road. Winning only 5 of their last 16 games, and it doesn't get any better as they travel to Monterrey and then home for Louisville before things get easier for awhile.

All roads lead through Las Vegas for the playoff hopefuls one way or the other and the recipient of this will be the
Toledo Mud Hens. The Gamblers first visit Nashville for 3 important games then to Monterrey. Then comes a steady stream to Vegas, the Fighting Moose stop in, followed by the Skidmarks then those pesky noisy Sounds again followed by the Chiles.

The Gamblers have in fact reached 1 game below .500 again, normally they go on a four or five game skid every time they have got close to that mile stone. But if they can sweep Nashville and win at least 1 from Monterrey, they think their chances of making the playoffs are pretty good before the home party. However the Gamblers have been abysmal at home.

There are a lot of ifs for the last three spots in the AL all of a sudden that wasn't there 10 games ago.
Huntington Beachcombers and the New York new york also have an outside shot at making a run, but difficult with the same division and the schedule they have left.

Toledo Mud Hens has the easiest schedule, facing only Nashville and teams in their division which will either put them in a serious hole or propel them to the #5 seed.

The Nashville Sounds have the Gamblers twice and their division for the most part.

Cleveland Skidmarks have the Gamblers and Chiles and their division foes.

It is not easy for any of the hopefuls! How will it turn out? Guess we will have to wait and see.

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