Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Deadline Dealing

Three major trades occurred right before the Season 2 trade deadline.

Trenton Traffic and Cincinnati Dragons

Trenton gets: SP Manny Christians, SP Tito Mercedes (AAA), RF Jimmie Tabaka (AAA)
Cincinnati gets: 3B Paxton Coleridge, SP Cal Paul (AAA), SP Johnny Strong (AAA)

Analysis: Trenton really felt like they needed to get a starting pitcher, so they got Christians. It's a bit of a gamble, as his stamina isn't great, but he can be spectacular. The wisdom of trading the team's RBI leader is questionable, but Christians has a huge contract and the two teams had to make the money work. Mercedes and Tabaka are decent prospects. For Cincinnati, Coleridge is a true all-or-nothing hitter, but when he does connect usually good things happen. He's a proven HR and RBI hitter at the ML level. Cincinnati can either use him or spin him off into something else if they are truly in rebuilding mode. It remains to be seen what Paul and Strong will become.

Las Vegas Gamblers and Chicago Cubs

Las Vegas gets: RP Dave Stewart, RF Aurielo Prieto (AA), SS Kevin Kim (AA)
Chicago gets: OF Denny Moss

Analysis: Wow. Where to start on this one? This deal was highly controversial (read below in the blog and/or our chat board), but eventually went through. Stewart is one of the best closers in the game and Prieto and Kim should eventually be contributors on the ML level (Kim should be a solid starter), but was it worth it for Moss? Again, a lot has been said on this question so I'll leave it be. Moss could have some health issues but when healthy is a 5-tool player and puts up huge numbers. He is a bonafide superstar.

Salem Sacrifices and Colorado Springs Chickens

Salem gets: RP Tony Matos
Colorado Springs gets: IF Jason Carpenter (High A), RP Philip Crane (High A)

Analysis: The rich get richer. Already arguably the best team in the NL, Salem gains another quality arm out of the bullpen. Matos is a proven closer, which will help their good starting staff get wins. For Colorado Springs, Carpenter and Crane are both marginal prospects. They could each make the ML, but I don't see either having a big-time impact.

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