Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Trade that got vetoed and my take on it...

Okay, maybe I am a nice guy most of the time, even when trading players. I will use Denny Moss as an example. Last year he had a great season, this season has been so-so and been on the DL. I have 18M at advanced scouting and his projected health is a 62, for those with 20 in advanced scouting it could be a plus or minus 2 points. So he is a projected 90 rated player and a plate monster. His field play is real good, just don't put him in at SS..he sucks there actually. To top it off, he is a base stealing threat. Sounds like a player everyone wants.... except me. Why?

I value players differently, to me Moss should be rated no higher than 80 projected and I top him off at 75 max because of that health rating and I rate pitchers higher depending on their stats. To me I was getting Stewart for Moss, that was an even deal. The other 2 players were icing on the cake to me, although on the surface you think they were career minor leaguers. They would have been in my ML bullpen or starters depending sooner or later. And someone said I should get at least 3 good players for him.

Now let me describe what happens on the health issue. The first season I ever played, I had a catcher with Moss's numbers, well, his catching wasn't that great but passable. His health rating was actually a little higher, a point or two and makeup was 12 points less. He did great in spring training. Right before the first pitch, I swear he tripped over the dugout steps, he was out for the season with a bulging disk. His numbers declined 30% across the board and never recovered and get worse every year and no one wanted him either, luckily it is the last year of his contract now, a 4.7M, 3 year waste, although AAA coaches like him. And before you ask, he was 26 years old. After that little experience, I don't draft players with health ratings projected below 70, they are the first ones to go to the bottom of the list, I don't even look at the rest of their stats even. I don't take players in a trade below 65 unless there is another player I want involved, so don't even attempt it. I don't even bother looking at IFA's either unless I need them to fill a hole somewhere as a cheap emergency. Call me cautious or what ever, if you can't depend on the player being in the lineup, then there is no use having him. Hmmm, Moss kind of reminds me of Ken Griffey Jr.

For me, the original deal was perfect, we both got something we needed, mfoster wanted a CF and I got my pitcher and 2 not so great but very usable pitchers. And yes, I warned him about the health condition, just like I did Tucker. Since you vetoed what I thought was a fair deal, now I get 3 players that will turn out to be good ML players and it wasn't my doing. Maybe after reading this, you will change your mind and think I am getting too much, which in my mind is exactly right, but that is what ya wanted, so mfoster made it happen...not me.

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