Friday, July 25, 2008

The airwaves of Trenton...

Taken from a recent WTRA show...

Hi, and we're live on WTRA, 550 on your AM dial. We're back with the Jim Martin show and I am Jim Martin. Before we get into Princeton and Rutgers previews, we have Traffic GM gumbercules on the line.

JM: Gumbercules, thanks for calling in to us. Now in a recent poll, 63% of the callers on our show thought you should have been fired after the collapse last season. Any thoughts on that?
GUM: No, not really.
JM: OK, so what exactly happened?
GUM: We just stopped hitting, the pitching didn't get key outs, it was a little bit of everything. Maybe I made a move I shouldn't have or didn't make a move that I should have made. Hard to say. But I think we're all to blame.
JM: Now the word coming out of the clubhouse is that King Winn is on the trade block. Is that true? Has he demanded a trade?
GUM: We're exploring trade options involving Winn, yes. This is not to say that I blame King for what happened last season- he's been great. We just think he may be a better fit somewhere else. And no, neither King nor his agent has indicated that he wants a trade.
JM: One team that would seem to be a good fit for him would be Monterrey. Is it true that Winn is headed south of the border?
GUM: That's a little premature. On paper, it would seem to be a good fit. Of course, I can't discuss any negotiations with other teams. There is no deal in place to send him anywhere at this time. If ACE calls, I'll pick up the phone, as I would with anyone else. But no, King can leave the passport at home for the time being.
JM: So what should make Traffic fans think this season will be different than last season?
GUM: Well, we did win 100 games the first season. Personally, I don't think we're as good as that or as bad as the 80 wins from last season. So as we stand, I think we're pretty good. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm planning to stand pat; we'll explore trades and free agency. If everything goes according to plan, after next season, I will be calling in and 63% of your callers will want me back.
JM: Only 63%?
GUM: Well, hopefully more than that.
JM: OK, gumbercules, thanks for calling and good luck this season.
GUM: Thanks for having me. See you at the park, Jim.

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