Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Award Voting

With Season 2 drawing to a close, it is time to look at the potential award winners. Gives a chance for the owners to campaign for their players and quickly cites who has the best chances.



Topping the list is Gregg Black, who also won the award in Season 1. Right there challenging Black for the award is Burt Stevenson! Who will the owners decide between the two? The next three are very good in their own right, but really pale in comparison to these two.

Cy Young:

Vin Solano is the odds on favorite with a 23-2 record, a WHIP of 0.97 and and ERA of 2.09. Although there are 4 other good candidates, Vin pitched the best IMHO.


Kenneth Graves heads a great list after being called up at the end of last season he stayed with the club for season 2 and posted an impressive 18-5 record.

James Dixon also had impressive numbers and one of the reasons the Chiles are in the playoffs. He will one day probably secure the SS position but spent the season as a roving utility man and RF.

Jared McMahon a shut down closer with a 2-4 record and 41 saves in 46 opportunities.

Josh Gant had a good season despite having a manager that couldn't decide where to let him pitch. Sporting a 14-5 record and 3 saves in 10 opportunities with 11 starts.

Al Carrasco is a prototypical Gambler, power and can play multiple positions mostly LF and RF.


Quinton Hughes chimes in with a loss and 48 saves in 54 opportunities.

Jared McMahon posted a 2-4 record and 41 saves in 46 tries.

Larry Stokes had one loss and 39 saves in 43 tries. Was not utilized as just a 9th inning man makes his stats just as impressive.

Wesley Cora posted a 5-6 record with 38 saves in 40 tries. Has tendency to blow extra inning games.



Osvaldo Johnsonwas last years MVP just like Black. However didn't play as many games as last season but put up almost he same numbers if not a little better in some categories and is the best maybe IMHO.

Did the pitching/defense in the NL improve so much that the next 3 on the list, though not cream puffs, actually took a step back in their dish ability. Averages were up, but production was down. Which brings me to the last one on the list whose numbers really improved but is on the same team as Osvaldo, Eddie Greer. Playing in his shadow, or maybe the other way around, probably helps each other be better.

Cy Young:

Javier Henriquez starts this bunch off with a 22-6 and 3 CGs. Pretty impressive for a 22 year old.

Jim Arnold is a great complement to have on the same team with a 23-5 record but no CGs. Maybe KJ will tell ya which one to vote for.

Matty Eusebio with a 16-5 record and 4 CGs. Does a pitcher with the better offense win the award? That is what this boils down to with these 3.


Alex Sanchez leads the list with a record of 17-10 in 35 starts with very impressive numbers and at the tender age of 24.

Sean Simpson had a great year at the dish, but IMHO is not really suited for a full time 2B and will probably be relegated to the OF in future years. He will soon compete for that coveted MVP award.


Dude Huskey with 0-5 record and 51 saves in 58 tries. Pretty impressive for a non-playoff team.

Tex Howell with a 1-0 record and 35 saves in 36 tries in 45 games. Very
impressive numbers for an 11 duration guy.

Vic Trevino with a 0-3 record with 39 saves in 44 chances.

Trevor Watson with a 5-3 record and 37 saves in 41 chances and 57 appearances.

Bert Price with a 7-6 record with 38 saves in 41 tries in 59 games.

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kjmulli said...

1.79 ERA and 265 k's....henriquez will get my vote for nl cy easily