Saturday, July 26, 2008

National League changes for Season 3

There are so many changes to the complexion of the league that I'll have to break it down by league this year, as opposed to last season (where it was all in one post). So we'll start with the National League.

The Philadelphia Blue Jays have packed up and moved down the I-95 system to Washington D.C. and will be the Blue Coats. Ordinarily I'd question the team name, but in a league with the Manic Maulers and the Dirtbags, I think I'm going to let it pass. New ownership led by GM tymurr17 is excited to begin play in the nation's capital. The location of the team may be very appropriate, as it plays in a division as volatile as the economy.

In the North, the former Cincinnati Dragons have finally found a home; they'll take over for the Blue Jays in Philadelphia and become the Phantoms. It will be interesting to see what new GM chazzzzzz decides to do with this team; this could be a crossroads season for this team. They have some talent, but they're in the toughest division in the Bigs: can they compete? Star pitcher Bernard Robinson could not be reached for comment on the move, as he was reportedly looking for a good place for cheeseteaks. Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs have officially changed their name to the Snake Tamers. The Cubs are either trying to shake off the 100 year losing tradition of their real-life namesake or piss off deaconsoule and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Perhaps both?

In the South, Memphis is singing the blues as the Short Grass left town for Austin to become the City Limits. Things got messy when the ownership had to buy out the current lease of Autozone Park. A reasonable dollar figure was agreed upon, but owner/GM blanch13 had to go to court when the city demanded that he take the NBA's Grizzlies with him. Federal courts found the city's demands unconstitutional (cruel and unusual punishment for the city of Austin) and the Short Grass were able to leave free and clear.

The Western division sees the potential move of the Boise Buckskins, as the ownership situation is now settled. Rumor had it that Mark Cuban was trying to put in a bid to buy the team, but commisioner mfoster55 has turned down the ownership group, opting instead to bring in veteran HBD owner/GM vikingdal. The (former) Buckskins will head south to Scottsdale and be known as the Scottsdale SLAMMERS. This would seem to be a natural rivalry with the Arizona Diamondbacks due to the two teams' proximity and residence in the same division (although Arizona regards itself rivals with just about everyone).

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