Sunday, July 13, 2008

World Series Season 2

The matchup has been set. The excitement is building. It's World Series time again!

#2 Monterrey Sultans vs. #1 Fargo Thundering Herd

All-time series: These two teams have never played.

Preview: This series would seem to raise the question of pitching vs. offense. But Monterrey has pitching of its own. Sure, Philip Allensworth and R.J. Toca don't quite match up with Javier Henriquez and Jim Arnold, but they both proved in the Milwaukee series that they are capable of limiting a good offense. So maybe the question is if Fargo can manage enough runs to supplement their pitching; so far it has done so. Fargo has home field advantage and the advantage of rest.

Prediction: It's going to be a good series. I think Monterrey is a little more balanced than Fargo and can scratch a few runs off of the great Fargo starters. I picked them to start the season, and I'm not getting off the bandwagon. Monterrey in 6.

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