Friday, November 7, 2008

Changes for Season 4

The league has left many phone messages at the Trenton office recently wondering where the league reporter was and why no content has come out of the office recently. Turned out the head reporter (yours truly) was sent on two special assignments- to keep track of positive ads from all the presidential candidates and to teach people in Florida how to vote. Alas, I came up empty on both counts, and so returned to the office with nothing but a new season upon us and 146 angry messages from mfoster55.

So we'll start with the owner/city switches from season 3 to season 4. The only National League changes are out west, where the Scottsdale franchise enjoyed its long one year run in the desert so much it decided to pick up stakes and move to Vancouver to become the Golden Otters. New owner wild44 looks to take a team that has yet to finish over .500 but won a franchise-high 79 games last season and compete in the NL West. More shocking is the fact that the Snake Pit is no more. Legendary owner deaconsoule has taken his (now former) Arizona Diamondbacks to Cheyenne to become the Nation. As the buses rolled in to town, rabid fans greeted the team, but controversy erupted among reports that deacon paid the fans to be there. Osvaldo Johnson stated he'd be thrilled to play in front of the tens of fans that will come out to support the team.

The American League sees several changes, starting in the east. Huntington has moved to Boston and will play as the Bambinos. George Steinbrenner has already filed a lawsuit against owner tj01536 in the grounds that no Boston team may use the name Bambino (or any other Babe Ruth related name) without also using the word "curse" in it as well.
-Up north, The Slyce will stay in Syracuse but have a new name and owner; threester will take charge of the more aptly named Simpletons. When asked what the best part of staying in Syracuse was, Bret King answered " I haven't been to the Carrier Dome yet. Do we have anything else here? Don't think so." Toledo (formerly Cleveland) continues to move along I-90, heading east up to Buffalo to play as the Blue Cheese under new owner flipdog0. Don't know how many wins the team will get, but the chicken wings alone may bring fans (and reporters) to the park.
- In the south, Iowa City will head south to Arkansas to become the Little Rock Raiders. Owner jacoby66 isn't worried about competing in a tough division, stating that even if he finishes last in the South, his team could still beat the Oakland Raiders. Fantasy experts project that P/QB Joey Hubbard would throw for 231 yards and 2 touchdowns.
- The AL West remains intact from season 3.

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