Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The International Front

There has been a few signings in the International market that might be note worthy. Though, while following up on potential leads of ML caliber players in Mexico the other day, I kind of got side tracked by a cute 2B on the ladies softball team. Three days and a bottle of aspirin later I was able to make my reluctant escape. My boss made me because I got to tell ya about all those transactions that has taken place and I am not in the mood to be kind.

The Buffalo Blue Cheese spent a wad of cash on Miguel Hernandez. 20M for a so called pitcher with great control and some good power pitches to fool the bat boy with. He would be great if he only pitched to left-handed hitters. He will induce a lot of ground balls but someone had better be there to chase them.

The Fargo Dirtbags found some enormity signing Victor Neruda. SS might be a stretch, just like his hitting style.

The Boston Bambinos happened to spot Pepe Gomez and Diego Martin playing catch at an orphanage game. Ok, so one would throw the ball and the other would go chase it. They later found out they could actually hit the ball. As luck would have it that day, the visiting team had a SS they took a shine to in Al Valentin. They went gaga for this kid as he just kept playing all day long, it was a tournament and was involved in three games that day. Little did they know at the time, he doesn't like playing SS and really wants to play RF.

The Monterrey Sultans found them a CF in Carlos Ordaz. He might play RF in a pinch. A pretty dubious hitter in his own right though. He was in the weight room the other day doing his daily workout. He was having a rough go of it as the sweat was just pouring off of him. It seems putting 10lb dumbbells on a cart are just a tad much for him.

The Colorado Springs Chickens signed Rodrigo Carrasco. Why? No one else knows either.

The Atlanta Bandits stole Jose Lee. Maybe the Bandits should watch what they are stealing, as teams are lining up at the launching pad to harass this kid. Ding Ding Ding

The Trenton Traffic was looking for a new directional finder in CF and settled on Albert Duran. He actually looks pretty good roaming CF and fights the pitchers at the plate. He is a little lazy though, as he has every other day off according to his contract.

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