Friday, November 7, 2008

Free-agent signings: Old faces in new places

Some of the key free-agent signings (player, old team, new team, contract)

IF Eli Jacquez Syracuse Monterrey 2 years, $7.2 million
1B Orel MacFarlane New York Syracuse 2 years, $5.2 million
1B Lyle Barber St. Louis Charlotte 3 years, $15 million
SS Alex Li Syracuse Charlotte 2 years, $8.2 millon
P Shooter Mahoney Toronto San Juan 4 years, $20 million
CF Cody Lincoln Monterrey Vancouver 2 years, $10.2 million
P R. J. Toca Monterrey Austin 3 years, $21.6 million

Based on this list, I think there are a few conclusions we can draw. First of all, the free-agent market wasn't exactly star-studded. It also illustrates the lack of pitching-in my opinion, Toca may be overpaid and Mahoney is definitely overpaid (not Pete Rubel overpaid, but overpaid by a big margin). On the other hand, position players seem to be at a discount; Jacquez, MacFarlane, Li, and Lincoln all have past performances beyond their current contracts, although they are veterans and it remains to be seen if they've lost a step or can't do what they used to do. Barber probably can't do what he used to, but rarely does a recently past MVP candidate come for such a small price tag.

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