Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More major trades

Breaking down some of the bigger deals that have occurred after the free-agent period:

Cheyenne Nation and San Juan Dead Bunnies

Cheyenne gets: LF Steve Sweeney, RP Kenneth Schalk

San Juan gets: LF Osvaldo Johnson, RP Jim Clyburn (AA)

Analysis: Obviously the huge name here is multiple-MVP winner Johnson. He's put up Hall of Fame-type numbers for the first 3 seasons of this league and he's only 29. San Juan gets a middle of the order hitter. Jim Clyburn is a very talented reliever- he's a future closer. Sweeney has the talent to put up numbers close to Johnson's but he's yet to prove himself on the ML level. Schalk is a solid setup guy who is on the ML roster but could use another season in the minors. A bit of a head-scratching move on the Cheyenne end- not necessarily for the trading of Johnson- but for the inclusion of Clyburn if the Nation is trying to get younger.

New York New York and Milwaukee Manic Maulers

New York gets: SP Vic Chavez
Milwaukee gets: 2B Benji Bartolo, SP Fred Keats (AAA)

Analysis: The key to this deal is a guy who was not included in it- Lawrence Carver. Milwaukee GM gydk wanted to give AAA star Carver a shot inthe ML rotation, making Chavez expendable. If Carver succeeds, this is a great deal for Milwaukee; if not, it's a complete head-scratcher. Bartolo and Keats are both quality players- neither have superstar ability but both should be quality contributors for seasons to come. New York gets a quality #2 or #3 starter with a good track record. The key to this dea

Houston Riverdogs and Little Rock Raiders

Houston gets: RP Matt Skinner
Little Rock gets: 3B Leo Miller

Analysis: Little Rock gets a 3-time All Star in Miller, who immediately fills in nicely in the middle of the Little Rock order, but does Miller launch them into the playoff discussion? If not, then this deal makes little sense for the Raiders. Skinner has the potential to be a big-time closer- I predict that at some point in his career he will win a Fireman of the Year award.

Trenton Traffic and Boston Bambinos

Trenton gets: SP Damion Mays
Boston gets: IF Daniel Koch (AAA)

Analysis: An interesting deal of two young players, both of whom have very good upside. Mays is a hard-throwing, 23 year old lefty with three good pitches. He's struggled his first two seasons but may be on the verge of figuring it out. Koch is an all-around highly talented player with big-time power; his biggest issue is his health. If he can stay on the field, he'll love aiming balls at Fenway's Green Monster.

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