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Top 101 Prospects in The Bigs - Season 4

THE BIGS TOP 100 List Season 4

The level of overall talent in the Bigs minor leagues has increased every year and this year looks to provide the toughest competition as far as getting your prospect a slot on the list. So you may have had a player that made the list last season but was knocked off the list this year. This year it's the City Limits of Austin that lays claim as the team with the most spots on the list with nine, followed closely by the Shakers out of SLC and the Killer Whales of Seattle both with eight. Seattle was first last year with nine. Starting pitching once again won out as the most popular postition with 30 SP's on the list down 3 from last year. Shortstop was next with 20 down 4 from 16 last year. Although we figure some of those shortstops will be converted to 3B down the road. Hence there is only one 3B on the list ATM. Both Seattle and Jackson have 2 players in the top 10. Jacque Puffer is this season's No. 1 prospect, ending Amp Palmer's two year reign on the throne. There were many good players left out so any player on this list should have good value.



splitsvL / vR splits
++++> 87 pitch rating
+++70-86 pitch rating
++50-69 pitch rating
+0-49 pitch rating
gloveoverall defense

1.Jacque Puffer2BLOA9.65SEAC+ con, A pwr, A--/B++ splits, A-- eye, C+ def, A br
2.Amp PalmerSSAA9.65LOUB con, B-- pwr, B+/B-- splits, B-- eye, A- def, GM
3.Jordan NewfieldSSLOA9.6SLCA-- con, B+ pwr, C++/B++ splits, D++ eye, A def
4.D'Angelo MartinSPHIA9.6ATLA++ sta, A++ control, C/B splits, 1+++4++
5.Quilvio SanchezCPAA9.5SEAA++ sta A control, 1++++1++
6.Alex JavierCPAA9.45FARB++ sta, A control, 1++++1+++
7.Turner DolanCFAA9.2CHAA++ con, C-- pwr, B/B+ splits, B eye, A-- def
8.Alex SamuelSPAAA9.1JAKD+ sta, A- control, A/A++ splits, 3+++1+
9.Garry WrightCPAAA9.05JAKA-- sta, A++ control, 2++++, gm
10.Carlos BatistaSSLOA9.05SLCB- con, C- pwr, B++/C++ splits, C+ eye, A-- def, gm
11.Thurman AllenCFLOA9.05L.R.C+ con, B- pwr, B-/A++ splits, C eye, B++ def
12.John BalfourSPHIA9.0D.C.D++ sta, A control, A/B splits, 1++++1+++1++1+
13.Rico Guevara2BAAA9.0STLD++ con, B+ pwr, A++/C+ splits, A++ eye, B+ def, A br, gm
14.Barry McEnroeOFLOA8.95CSPA+ con, B- pwr, B+/B- splits, B++ eye, D def
15.Paul TurnbowCFAAA8.95CHID- con, C-- pwr, A/A+ splits, D+ eye, A- def
16.Ryan HamillSSAA8.95CSPC con, A-- pwr, C++/C++ splits, C= eye, A-- def
17.Doc BowenSSLOA8.9PHIB con, B-- pwr, B/F splits, A++ eye, A+ def
18.Jack Hunt2BAAA8.8SEAB con, B++ pwr, B--/B splits, B++ eye, C def, gm
19.Willis Biddle2BAAA8.8D.C.A-- con, B+ pwr, B--/C- splits, C++ eye, B- def, B br
20.Lonny GatesSPAAA8.8HOUC++ sta, A control, B-/A splits, 1++++2+++1+, gm
21.Ed AllenSPAA8.75AUSC- sta, A- control, C--/A- splits, 3+++
22.Vin LoganDHLOA8.7MNTB/B++ pwr, A++/A++ splits, D- eye, D++ def
23.Che BongSSAA8.7SLCB con, C pwr, C+/A- splits, B- eye, A br
24.Felipe CalleSPAAA8.7SLCC- sta, A++ control, C++/A-- splits, 1++++1+++1++
25.Julio RosaSSHIA8.7AUSB con, D++ pwr, D++/B splits, B eye, B++ def
26.Vic JamesOFAA8.65SLCA++ con, B-- pwr, C++/A splits, B- eye, G def
27.Tony Johnson2BLOA8.65JAKC con, B- pwr, B--/B splits, B-- eye, B def, B br
28.Shane FletcherOFLOA8.65SJA-- con, D++ pwr, A++/C+ splits, A-- eye, B+ def
29.Dennis HuangSSLOA8.65CSPD con, D pwr, A--/C splits, D++ eye, B+ def
30.Kevin PongspLOA8.65N.O.A sta, B-- control, B--,C++ splits, 2+++2++1+
31.Mariano TerreroSSLOA8.65AUSD con, A++ pwr, C--/C-- splits, F eye, B+ def, B br
32.Daniel KochSSAAA8.6BOSB con, B pwr, B-/C- splits, C+ eye, B+ def
33.Bobby DavenportSPAAA8.55NFKB sta, A++ control,C++/C++ splits, 2+++2++1+
34.Pedro LimonSPLOA8.5ATLA sta, A++ control, B/B+ splits, 2++2+
35.Jason WalkerSSAA8.5ATLB++ con, B- pwr, B-/C++ splits, B-- eye, B def, gm
36.Allie FielderSPAAA8.5LOUD++ sta, D-- control,, B/B+ splits, 3+++2++ gm
37.Dennis TamuraOFAAA8.5JAKA con, B pwr, B++,C+ splits, C+ eye, D- def, A br
38.William SatouSSAAA8.5AUSD con, F pwr, C++/C++ splits, D- eye, A++ def
39.Yogi AndersonSPAAA8.45STLC+ sta, B+ control, B-,B splits, 3+++2+ gm
40.Phillip McCartinCFLOA8.45SEAA con, D+ pwr, D+/B splits, B eye, B- def, B br
41.George LoweCFHIA8.45SLCB+ con, D+ pwr, C+/A- splits, B++ eye, B def
42.Pablo RojasCPAAA8.45TREB sta, A++ control, B,B+ splits, 1++++1+++
43.Peaches ThompsonSPLOA8.4ANAC- sta, B- control, B--/C++ splits, 1++++1+++2++1+
44.Neifi McBrideSSAAA8.4CHIB+ con, D pwr, B-/C splits, B eye, A def
45.Slash RuffinSPLOA8.4MILC sta, B- control, C+/B+ splits, 3+++1+
46.Ewell ElsterOFLOA8.4AUSD con, B pwr, B+/B++ splits, D+ eye, C++ def
47.Kevin KimSSAAA8.35L.V.C+ con, D-- pwr, B/D+ splits, C+ eye, A def
48.Brandon MartinSSLOA8.35MNTB con, D pwr, C/C++ splits, F eye, A def
49.Mateo GuerreroSPAAA8.3CHIA++ sta, A-- control, B--/B-- splits, 2+++2++1+
50.Lonny HernandezSPHIA8.3SYRD++ sta, A++ control, B-/B splits, 1++++1+++1++
51.J.C. GreenSPAAA8.3S.J.B-- sta, C-- control, B-/B splits, 1++++1+++1++1+
52.Ken KeaglePFLOA8.3VANB-, B pwr, C+/B-- splits, B++ eye, D++ def, B br
53.Greg NiemanSPAAA8.25ANAF sta, A- control, B-/B++ splits, 1++++1+++1++2+
54.Marc DeJeanCAAA8.25TORB con, D++ pwr, A+/B-- splits, A+ eye, B-- def
55.George Stargell3BAAA8.25AUSB-- con, C++ pwr, C/C- splits, D++ eye, B- def, gm
56.Pedro Candelaria2BAAA8.2ANAA- con, B pwr, D++/C-- splits, C++ eye, C-- def
57.Tom ZimmerRPAAA8.2BUFB sta, C++ control, A--/B-- splits, 1++++1+++1+
58.Mitch ClarkCPAAA8.2TREC sta, A++ control, C/C++ splits, 2+++
59.Lucas WorthingtonSPAA8.2SYRB-- sta, A++ control, B++/C+ splits, 1+++3++1+
60.B.C. StoneSSAA8.2CHIC con, C-- pwr, B-/D+ splits, D++ eye, B++ def B br
61.Albert DaleSSLOA8.15CHYD-- con, D++ pwr, B--/D++ splits, D+ eye, A+ def
62.Turner DarrSPAAA8.15PHIA+ sta, A- control, C++/D splits, 3+++1++
63.Evan Smith2BAA8.15CHIC+ con, D pwr, A--/B splits, B eye, C++ def, gm
64.Vasco LopezCAAA8.15TREC- con, C++ pwr, C++/A splits, B- eye, B- def
65.Kevin Yamakazi2BAAAA8.15TORB+ con, C++ pwr, C/C splits, C-- eye, C def
66.Albert CastroCFAAA8.15TORC- con, C++ pwr, C--/C- splits, A- def
67.Steven O'MalleyCHI8.1LOUB-- con, B+ pwr, A--/C++ splits, B++ eye, C- def
68.Dixie ReynoldsSPAA8.1AUSD++ sta, A control, C--/B splits, 2+++1++2+
69.Sam BrumfieldCAA8.1AUSC con, B- pwr, C+/D splits, B- eye, B+ def, gm
70.Magglio PerezOFAA8.05TREC con, A-- pwr, B++/B-- splits, C- eye, D+ def
71.Don WangCPAAA8.05N.O.D sta, C++ control, C+/B- splits, 1++++1+++, gm
72.Red RoseSSLOA8.05LOUC con, D-- pwr, B--/D++ splits, F eye, A def, gm
73.Julio Silvilla1BHIA8MILB con, A pwr, C-/B splits, B eye, D-- def, LHealth
74.Miguel ReyesSPHIA7.95SEAA sta, A control, B+/C splits, 1++++1+++1++1+
75.Jim ClyburnCPAA7.95SJB+ sta, A- control, B+/C- splits, 2+++1+, gm
76.Larry CarasoneRPAAA7.9SEAD sta, A+ control, B-/B++ splits, 3+++
77.Tony BurnitzSSAA7.85SEAD+ con, B-- pwr, B-/A-- splits, D eye, B-- def
78.Tito Martin2BAAA7.85BUFC++ con, D pwr, B++/B+ splits, B++ eye, C++ def
79.Eddie Peters1BHIA7.85D.C.B+ con, B pwr, C++/D++ splits, B- eye, D- def
80.Mark BongSPAAA7.85SALA-- sta, B control, C/C++ splits, 1+++2++3+
81.Cliff MillerCPHIA7.85SLCB sta, B+ control, A--/C+ splits, 1+++1+
82.Alex SuhSSAA7.85CSPC-- con, D-- pwr, B/D++ splits, F eye, A-- def
83.Hiram SpooneybargerCAAA7.85CSPC- con, B++ pwr, A++/D splits, B+ eye, C- def
84.Delino ColonSPAAA7.85AUSB++ sta, D- control, B+/B+ splits, 1++++3++1+
85.Alexander RichardsonRPLOA7.85MILD sta, C+ control, C/B+ splits, 2+++1++1+
86.Billy SpencerSPAAA7.85BUFA-- sta, D++ control, C+/C+ splits, 2+++2++
87.Enrique GutierrezSPAA7.85FARA- sta, D++ control, D++/B+ splits, 2+++1++2+
88.Glenn Allen WehnerSPAA7.85VANC- sta, B-- control, B+/C+ splits, 1+++1++2+
89.Luis MeloOFAA7.8NASC-- con, D-- pwr, B+/B+ splits, B++ eye, D++ def
90.Victor Flores2BHIA7.75CHIB+ con, C+ pwr, A--/C splits, C++ eye, C++def
91.Vic MolinaRPAA7.75JAKB sta, B+ control, B+/C+ splits, 1+++1++
92.Rick AndersonCAAA7.7MNTC con, B- pwr, B-/B-- splits, C++ eye, C+ def
93.Murray CraneSPLOA7.7SEAB sta, D control, B+/C- splits, 2+++2++1+
94.Thomas BennettSPLOA7.7SEAB sta, D control, D-/D++ splits, 1++++1+++3++
95.Tommy Jordan2BAA7.7BOSB-- con, D pwr, B/D++ splits, B- eye, B def
96.Kevin StewartCAAA7.7D.C.B-- con, B- pwr, C+/D- splits, A-- eye, C- def
97.Pedro MedranoSPAAA7.7N.O.B- sta, B++ control, C-/D++ splits,2+++2++1+
98.Bryan ChristiansenOFAA7.7N.O.B- con, A- pwr, D-/D splits, B-- eye, D+ def, A br
99.Dan CallawayRPAA7.7CHAF sta, A++ control, C--/C++ splits, 2+++2++
100.Rex KentDHHIA7.7STLC-- con, A pwr, C++/A splits, A-- eye, F def
101.Will WestonCFLOA7.6LVC con, B++ pwr, B--/F splits, B+ eye, A+ def

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