Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blockbuster Deal Sees NL MVP Traded

Atlanta and New Orleans completed a deal that could alter the NL landscape.

Atlanta gets: 3B Albie Torres, RP Cristian Lyons
New Orleans gets: 1B Matty Matos, IF Freddie Orie, SP Cory Schneider

Analysis: Atlanta gets a talented player in Torres and a good solid reliever in Lyons, but the biggest name here by far is Matos, the reigning National League MVP. He will provide extra thump in the New Orleans lineup and his addition could make New Orleans a playoff threat. Orie is a utility infielder who won't hit enough to be a regular and Schneider is a veteran swingman. The key to this seal is a guy who wasn't involved- Atlanta 1B Stan Starr. If his offensive numbers can approach Matos last season, then this could be a good deal for Atlanta- if not, then they've possibly hurt themselves quite a bit.

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