Monday, February 23, 2009

Where Are They Now?

Remember last years Firesign awards? For those of you who are new, you can find them in the older posts. I thought it would be fun to find out where they are today.

Homer Ashby - Poor guy, Salem management didn't like his hitting style either and sent him packing to AAA, where he is actually doing somewhat worse at the plate.

Alex Vazquez - Still at the ML level enjoying the last year of his contract before forced retirement (we hope).

Max Clifton - Remember him, long ball chick magnet? He is enjoying another great season of long ball hitting but his average is way up so far this season. Must be trying to excite management into a long term deal at seasons end.

Julian Nichols - Not so with with Julian as he grew a 'stach to impress the chicks but that dismal average may make arbitration go horribly wrong.

Trever Russell - So far, no steal attempts, maybe the 1B coach got wise.

Bill Daneker - Someone stole his job as he is working at Lowes this season.

Scot Hutton - The Fielding Instructor finally gave up and found a position that he doesn't mess up so much, they hope.

Marty James - He cried all off-season about winning the award. We are not sure the embarrassment helped as of yet.

Ronald Spurgeon - He decided the simplest way to solve the problem was not to try as hard.

Cody Lincoln - Smart management moved his clumsiness to another position, one so far, so much better.

Alex Li - Management had enough of his antics and sent him packing. He got a job at McD's but they fired him as his burger flipping technique didn't impress co-workers or customers.

Ron Lewis - His lack of pitching ability landed him in the unemployment line. Although he is keeping his shoulder iced down just in case.

Keith Klesko - New ownership didn't like what they saw and sent him to AAA. His first outing there was a huge success, going 4 innings, 50 pitches with 5 strike outs and no hits. Everybody is scratching their heads.

Charlie White - Management decided to hold him back a little this year, so far, he is 2-2, still getting lit up but the two wins he got to the 8th inning.

Victor Hamill - Management decided he was too young and needed a little seasoning at AAA. A little BBQ sauce maybe.

Steve Sweeney and Achilles Parris - Both could be headed for another Iron-Manless award in the NL. Joining them could be Alex Vazquez again.

Patrick Clifton, Perry Herman and Jimmy Cole could be headed to another work-horse season with nothing to show for it.

Chris Barrett - Management bought him a bigger glove which didn't help. To solve the problem, decided to use him as a backup only or is that backstop only.

Jason Mann - Management came up with an ingenious idea and moved him to RF. Will have to wait and see on this one.

Rob Hentgen - Management felt his problems wasn't theirs and turned their backs on him. Then so did the rest of the world, even the glass company he went to work for.

Luis Martinez - Okay already, no one told management that a 2B couldn't be left handed. Luis has set up a luxury condo in CF this season.

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