Monday, February 16, 2009

Take 5

Today's question comes courtesy of Boston owner tj01536:

Who are the top 5 rookies in the majors this season?

Note: I'll use the MLB standard of never having a season with 130 ABs or more or 50 innings or more.

1. Lonny Gates, Houston (SP)

This ground ball specialist figures to log a lot of innings behind Jerome Oliver in the Houston rotation. He doesn't throw hard, but places his fastball well and figures to win a lot of games for the Riverdogs.

2. Jacque Puffer, Seattle (LF)

He's a rare combination of speed and power. The Season 3 overall number 1 pick has rocketed through the Seattle minor league system to become the starting left fielder for the Killer Whales and is one of the odds-on favorites to be the AL Rookie of the Year.

3. Rico Guevara, St. Louis (2B)

With the exception of his arm, he's a 5-tool player. The first season's #2 overall pick figures to be a fixture in the St. Louis lineup for years to come, as he is only 22.

4. Daniel Koch, Boston (SS)

Making his major league debut for Boston after coming over from Trenton last season, Koch has a load of talent. He may not be a true shortstop, but he'll be good at any other position. He gets knocked down the list a little as he has had some health issues in the minors.

5. Rick Anderson, Monterrey (C)

The Sultans add a very good two-way catcher to their roster this season. He can handle the pitching staff and add to the already deep offense. A Monterrey sandwich pick from season 1, he's steadily worked through the minor league system to start at catcher this season.

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