Friday, February 13, 2009

Firesigns Pre-Season Guess

Don't ya just love people that has to put their two cents worth in? I do, besides it is entertaining. 32 teams, 32 owners, 32 opinions, any mathematicians here that can figure the odds of getting it totally right? Especially when anything can and probably will happen during the season. So an educated guess makes a prognostication. These ones can change on a day by day basis though and may have to be updated a couple times during the season. One thing for sure, the AL gets to go first.

AL North
Milwaukee Manic Maulers
Syracuse Simpletons
Buffalo Blue Cheese
St. Louis Silly Nannies

The Maulers hands down at the moment in the Northland, the other three will duke it out all season long to see who will finish where.

AL East
New York new york
Louisville Legends
Boston Bambinos
Scranton Janitors

The last day of the season it could be New York or Louisville or both. Boston and Scranton will play for third.

AL South
Monterrey Sultans
Nashville Sounds
Jackson Vipers
Oklahoma City Sneaky Finger Puppet Mafia

Who can deny Monterrey, Nashville that's who. The Cotton-Eyed Joe will be in the harem all year long. OKC will have the longest name in last place.

AL West
Las Vegas Gamblers
Seattle Killer Whales
Anaheim Chiles
Boise Shadow Wolves

The West could be closer than most think this year. The Gamblers have the same offense, maybe just a tad better, but the pitching staff is about the same. Seattle and Anaheim could both vie for first, the first 20 games could decide things early.

#1 Monterrey Sultans
#2 Milwaukee Manic Maulers
#3 New York new york
#4 Las Vegas Gamblers
#5 Nashville Sounds
#6 Louisville Legends

NL North
Chicago Snake Tamers
Fargo Dirtbags
Toronto Toros
Philadelphia Phantoms

The unfortunate part here is three very good teams may be home watching the playoffs.

NL East
Norfolk Destroyers
Trenton Traffic
Atlanta Bandits
Washington D.C. Blue Coats

A three way battle for first, can't draw it up any better.

NL South
San Juan Dead Bunnies
New Orleans Voodoo
Houston Riverdogs
Austin City Limits

San Juan, who would have guessed, with the Voodoo second and Houston third. What kind of education did I get?

NL West
Vancouver Golden Otters
Salt Lake City Shakers
Cheyenne Nation
Salem Sacrifices

Another heated battle brews in the West, looks like another gunfight at the OK Corral.

#1 Chicago Snake Tamers
#2 Vancouver Golden Otters
#3 San Juan Dead Bunnies
#4 Norfolk Destroyers
#5 Salt Lake City Shakers
#6 Cheyenne Nation

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