Friday, February 13, 2009

Take 5

Today's Take 5 question is:

Who are the 5 best players in the league 25 years old or younger?

1. Javier Henriquez, P, Fargo (25)

Already has a Cy Young Award and 53 wins to his name. He's among the all-time leaders in most of the important pitching categories: ERA, WHIP, batting average against, etc. He's arguably the best pitcher in the entire league right now.

2. Sean Simpson LF, Chicago (23)

As Cal Ripken Jr. did in real life, Simpson won the Rookie of the Year Award his first season in the majors and followed it up with an MVP in his sophomore season. He's already been to 3 All-Star games. He's a career .324 hitter and leads the Chicago franchise in practically every major offensive category, from homers and RBIs to steals and triples.

3. James Dixon, IF, Anaheim (24)

Probably out of position when he plays at short, but is solid anywhere else and is a dangerous hitter. In 3 full seasons in Anaheim, he's managed to average .286-33-109. He's got 2 30-30 seasons under his belt.

4. Tony Stieb, C, Nashville (25)

Is one of the best offensive catchers in the game after only 2 seasons. He's been to 2 All-Star games in 2 seasons, earning the game's MVP last season. He won the ROY his first season along with a Silver Slugger award. He's not great defensively, but Nashville is counting on his bat to make up for it.

5. Monte Duvall, IF, Houston (24)

Followed up his ROY campaign in season 3 with an All-Star appearance and a 52 HR, 149 RBI season. He's not just a power hitter- he has a batting average of .299 in his first two seasons and has stolen 33 bases in his career so far.

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