Sunday, May 24, 2009

Around the American League after 20 games

Our American League reporter is Hugo First. He's authored some critically acclaimed books, namely Into the Woods and Over the Cliff. Here's his report on the AL:

- Milwaukee looks like they may have to slug their way to another title, as their offense looks as dangerous as ever but their pitching looks a little suspect. Costello hasn't been himself and Carver looks awful. Morton has walked way too many. But boy, can Burt Stevenson hit.

-Helena's hitters absloutely love playing in their new park. The pitchers, less so.

- Times are not good in Charlotte. Larry Cole is the only consistent starter, Ham Bruske has been bad, Albert Reith isn't hitting his weight, and Gregg Black is on the trade block. Don't think this team will look the same at this point next season.

- New York is in bad shape, too. Their offense was anemic before Castillo went down- what's less than anemic?

-Anaheim is 12-8 and doing it with smoke and mirrors.

-Boise's GM said publicly his goal is 75 wins. If they keep giving up 6 runs a game, they won't get there.

-Yes, that's Christy Castillo leading the AL in ERA. He's a big reason why Boston is one game back.

-Speaking of great starting pitching, how about Albert Gonzalez? Looks like he wants to go back-to-back in Cy Young Awards.

Is Jacque Puffer having a good season (driving in 21 runs) or a bad season (hitting .208)?

Except for being a strikeout machine, Timo Carter has been a good fill-in for Tony Escuela.

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