Sunday, May 3, 2009

Changes for Season 6

Fortunately, we have only one ownership change and one relocation to report for Season 6 of The Bigs. Both switches are in the American League.

In the AL South, the Nashville franchise was bought by mmccann55 and moved to Charlotte. They will play this season as the Charlotte Princesses. Most of the players' reactions to the team nickname cannot be printed in this space, but SP Ham Bruske said, "Well, as long as they don't make us wear dresses or anything out on the field...".

In the AL West, the Gamblers franchise are still held by legendary owner firesign34, but, as Sheryl Crow once sang, they're leaving Las Vegas. They are moving to Helena and will play as the Grotto Gottos. When asked about the team nickname, C Clarence Hartman said, "What's that?".


kjmulli said...

cheryl crow reference!? yikes!

gumbercules said...

Could have had 2 musical references in this article if fire had taken my advice and named the team Helena Rigby.