Sunday, May 24, 2009

Around the National League after 20 games

Here at the Trenton office of TBDN, we've assigned one reporter per league to keep up with the happenings and file periodic reports with us. At the 20 game mark, here's what we got from our roving National League reporter, Seymour Duless:

- Gotta say the team that has impressed me the most is San Juan. Junior Tabaka is ripping it up and the pitching staff is holding together for now. I doubt they'll keep playing .750 ball, but if the starting staff can keep pitching like this, they could be printing playoff tickets.

- The most disappointing team so far is probably Fargo at 9-11. They thought Rushford had solved their offensive problems- they're only one run better than last in the NL. Rushford's 3 HRs and 10 RBI aren't bad, but he's hitting .211, as is Bolling. Henriquez still gets no support and Christians, Arnold, and Pierce have all looked very human thus far.

-Gotta praise what Toronto has done at 12-8. The Greenwood trade looks great now, as Albert Castro is hitting .422. with power. Lee, Gant, and Casey have been lights out in the rotation. I don't know if they can stay in it, but I think Toronto fans may be starting to see the picture.

-I'm not sure the Philip Allensworth is as big a loss as Sacrifices fans think. Salmon and Dunwoody are just as good as ever.

-Houston is way too talented to be 10-10. Two big reasons- Bob Koplove is hitting .184 and Jason Sprague has an ERA over 8. This would kill most teams, but Houston can stay afloat.

-Miguel Cerveza is on the DL for Trenton- I wonder if secretly the front office is happy. They get to take a look at stud prospect Watty Miller for 2 weeks. Speaking of Trenton prospects, it may only be 20 games into his rookie season, but Magglio Perez looks pretty good so far.

-Osvaldo Johnson looks like he was a good pickup for the Snake Tamers- he looks like his MVP self.

-The league has yet to figure out Norfolk rookie Bobby Davenport- he's 3-0.

-4 of the 6 guys with WHIPs under 1 are Bernard Robinson, Steven Michaels, Dwight Salmon, and Carlos Matos. The other two are surprises: Charlie White and Vic Rincon.

-Matty Eusebio may be 36, but he still has it.

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