Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take 5: Draft edition

With the draft slightly more than a week away, we'll look at some draft info. Today's question:

Which 5 players drafted after the 1st round have contributed the most at the ML level?

1. Kris Olson, DH, Seattle

Drafted in round 5 with the 154th overall pick in season 1, Olson has made a significant impact offensively in his first two seasons with Seattle, hitting 35 HRs in his rookie season and following it up with 100 RBI in his sophomore campaign.

2. Esteban Vega, 1B, Jackson

Another 5th round pick from season 1 (161st overall), Vega hit 34 HRs in his rookie season. He dipped down to 21 HRs and only 53 RBI in his second ML season, but it appears he'll be counted on in Jackson for seasons to come.

3. Chan Suh, C, Jackson

A 3rd round pick from season 1 (97th overall), Suh has driven in 118 runs in his two seasons in Jackson while catching about 120 games per season.

4. Chuck Reed, C, Atlanta

Reed was chosen 61st overall (2nd round) in season 1 and has grabbed the starting catching job for one of the National League's best teams. He drove in 50 runs last season while hitting .243, but defense is his strong suit.

5. Barney Weiss, RF, Jackson

Weiss was picked 48th overall (Round 2) in season 2 by Chicago and later dealt to Jackson. The starting right fielder for Jackson drove in 68 runs last season.

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