Monday, June 1, 2009

At the quarter pole- NL

About a quarter of the season is gone. Here's what roving reporter Seymour Duless sees in the NL:

- San Juan still has the best record, based mostly on their offense. It'll be interesting to see if they can hang on or if Houston, which has trouble scoring but whose pitching has been great, can catch them by the end of the season. It'll also be interesting to see if Junior Tabaka can keep up this pace, which would put him well over 200 RBI for the season.

- The NL West has 3 teams (Salem, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne) all within one game of each other. Expect this race to be tight all season.

- The biggest story so far may be Fargo and their disappointment. The defending champs and the team with the highest payroll has the majors' worst offense. Expected to win their division, if the playoffs started today, they wouldn't be in.

- If you had bet before the season that at this point Washington would have a better record than Fargo, you could have made some serious money. Jimmie Williams has been incredible for them so far.

- It'll be interesting to see what Toronto and Trenton do within the next 40 games or so. They're both right on the edge of the wild-card race and could be buyers or sellers.

- Atlanta is keeping Trenton in the race, but I think they'll pull away at some point. They have too much talent.

- Chicago looks like they made the right moves in the offseason- both Osvaldo Johnson and Babe Broadhurst have been outstanding.

- How do you go 7 for 7 in save opportunities and yet have an ERA over 8? Ask Toronto's Daryl McKinley.

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