Monday, June 15, 2009

Around the NL

Our reporter Seymour Duless files this report after the 80 game mark:

- Boy, is Atlanta playing well. They were just doing OK, then won 19 out of 26. They're on top of the NL now.

- Fargo has stepped up; they had a 14 game win streak since the last report. Most of those wins were against lesser teams, but they did what they were supposed to do. They're back in the race.

- Trenton, Toronto, and Cheyenne have really fallen off the pace. They were in contention a month ago; all 3 are below .500.

- We're halfway through the season and Washington is 3 games back of a wild-card spot? Really? Kudos to the D.C. boys.

- Vancouver has been brutal this season. The Herrera deal is likely only the first in a fire-sale.

- In the South, Houston has retaken their familiar spot at the top. But I don't see San Juan going away.

- That being said, I say the best race down the stretch is likely to be in the north, with Fargo and Chicago battling it out.

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