Monday, June 1, 2009

At the quarter pole- AL

Hugo First files another report on the AL.

- Milwaukee again looks like the class of the AL. They score the most and yield the least in the AL- usually a good combination for winning games.

- Helena looks like the move to Montana has helped them. They hit .262 last season in Vegas- they're hitting .292 so far this season.

- Jackson currently has a 4-game lead on Monterrey. Not sure if they can break the stranglehold on that division this season, but it looks like they're here to stay.

- No one wants to win the east- New York and Louisville are 22-20 and Scranton and Boston are both 20-22. New York has done a nice job so far overcoming the loss of Castillo.

- Charlotte has the worst record in the AL. Look for Gregg Black and/or King Winn to be dealt soon. Ham Bruske has been awful.

- Seattle and Anaheim are at .500 and right on the edge of the playoff race. What moves are they going to make, if any?

- Kane Grahe seems to be a very good signing for Seattle. He's given them length and is pitching very well.

- Hipolito Maradona may be the Cy Young leader right now for Louisville.

- Burt Stevenson is leading in all 3 Triple Crown categories at .397-20-46. He leads the batting race by 54 points.

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