Sunday, June 7, 2009

Team Analysis NL North

Continiung onward and upward with the NL North side

NL North

Chicago Snake Tamers - They win on the road. Four of the five starting pitchers are having good seasons as is part of the pen. The offense isn't exactly clicking.

Defense 16 plus plays vs 3 minus plays
2B - Adequate and getting better
SS - Outstanding but backup doesn't play the position well
CF - Outstanding
3B - Deplorable

Toronto Toros - Starting Pitching is not star studded but adequate. It appears the pen has problems keeping the game tied but can close things out with a lead. The offense is so-so and not going to come back from a big deficit.

Defense 9 plays vs 7 minus plays
2B - Adequate
SS - Adequate
CF - Adequate and could get better but doubtful
Catcher - actually has the bulk of the errors for unknown reasons, could it because he is a rookie?

Fargo Dirtbags - Most of the starting pitching is having problems don't let the 3.62 ERA fool ya but for the most part under-performing. The pen is good but has a tendency to blow games. Power hitting without the averages is not helping.

Defense 4 plus plays vs 0 minus plays
2B - Adequate
SS - Adequate
CF - Adequate
Errors are not exactly high but spread evenly and they don't turn the DP well.

Philadelphia Phantoms - The pitching is not as bad as their record indicates. The big thing is the GB/FB rating is wrong for most parks especially at home thus they give up a lot of HRs. The pen isn't much help. The lack of offense in not helping matters either.

Defense 14 plus plays vs 6 minus plays
2B - Inadequate
SS - Sub Par
CF - Inadequate
Bigger problem is LF

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