Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Team Analysis AL South

AL South

Monterrey Sultans - Power hitting team that is inconsistent at home. Starting rotation goes deep into games and is also inconsistent at home. Pen saves or holds the day.

Defense 13 plus plays vs 9 minus plays
2B - Outstanding
SS - Outstanding
CF - Deplorable

Jackson Vipers - Pitching is good and would be better with a defense. Very inconsistent hitting.

Defense 6 plus plays vs 13 minus plays
2B - Outstanding
SS - Deplorable
CF - Deplorable
2/3 of errors and almost all minus plays is between SS and CF and can't turn DP's

Oklahoma City Obese Supermodels - A for average offense that lacks quick strike ability. Starting rotation is good. The pen is another matter, this is evident by the 1-run and extra inning losses.

Defense 14 plus plays vs 3 minus plays
2B - Sub Par but gets the job done
SS - outstanding
CF - Outstanding
Starting 2B in on DL but also sub par, current defense turns DP's well

Charlotte Princesses - Power offense that hits well. Pitching is good but numbers look bad and is a direct result of the defense.

Defense 3 plus plays vs 19 minus plays
2B - Deplorable, this was the old adage that offense covers bad defense
SS - Inadequate, he looks better than he actually performs
CF - Deplorable
Can turn DP well.

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