Monday, June 15, 2009

Around the AL

Hugo First checking in with an AL report:

-Helena isn't better on paper than Milwaukee, but if the playoffs started today the road to the World Series would go through Montana. They are the best in the AL in one-run games (20-6), which in inexplicable when you consider that their closer has an ERA over 5.

- Milwaukee and Monterrey won't have free rides to their 6th straight division titles; they have St. Louis and Jackson, respectively, breathing down their necks.

- Don't count New York or Boston out yet, but it looks like the AL East race is going to come down to Scranton and Louisville. Louisville made the deal for Black; that may put them over the top.

- The wild-card race should be interesting; each division has a legitimate contender. St. Louis, Scranton or Louisville (whoever doesn't win the East), Monterrey or Jackson (whoever doesn't win the South), and Seattle are all quality teams.

- Syracuse and Charlotte have both been brutal for the same reason- no pitching.

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