Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Team Analysis NL East

Now to the NL East

Atlanta Bandits - Starting Pitching may be the best around. The offense powers the way, just not consistently. The pen on the other hand is another story.

Defense 12 plus plays vs 7 minus plays
2B - Outstanding
SS - Adequate though weak armed
CF - Adequate though weak in the glove
DP's are low because there aren't many chances. 2B is being robbed of plus plays.

Trenton Traffic - Offense hits for inconsistent power. Pitching is good but is also inconsistent.

Defense 10 Plus plays vs 7 minus plays
2B - Inadequate but overcompensates with the glove
SS - Outstanding
CF - Sub Par but may grow into the position
3B - Inadequate
Doesn't turn the DP well

Washington D.C. Blue Coats - Pitching keeps games close. Offense hits for average and helps win the close ones but lacks the power game to score quickly.

Defense 8 plus plays vs 3 minus plays
2B - Inadequate as he has lost a couple steps
SS - Adequate but gets tagged with a lot of errors for unknown reasons
CF - Adequate
Turns the DP real well

Norfolk Destroyers - Two pitchers away from having a great staff. Offense is lacking.

Defense 14 plus plays vs 4 minus plays
2B - Sub Par
SS - Adequate
CF - Adequate

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