Sunday, June 7, 2009

Will the real Jacque Puffer please stand up?

From the Seattle office of The Bigs Daily News:

The last time Seattle Killer Whales left fielder Jacque Puffer was in the league news it was around the 20 game mark. At that point, Puffer was hitting a dismal .208 but had already driven in 21 runs. The question was, "Is Jacque Puffer having a good season or a bad one?". Well, I think that question can now be answered. Since that point in the season, Puffer has gone on a tear. He is currently hitting, .322, with 22 Homers and has driven in 49 runs. Puffer also has just tied (and looking to pass) Jackson Vipers young sensation Dennis Tamura with the longest hitting streak in the American League this season at 19 games. Although the season is still young, Jacque Puffer has made his presence felt.

Besides the self improvement, Puffer has changed the attitude in the Killer Whales locker room. After 20 games, Seattle was 9 -11 and the ship was sinking fast. Puffer’s desire to win has added a shot in the arm and going into game 60, the Killer Whales are 33-26 and are 6 games out of first. For Seattle, this is uncharted territory. Seattle has never finished the season over .500; in fact, the best finish was in Season 4 when they went 77-85 (.475). The team chemistry has taken some time to come together, but the Killer Whales are finally swimming in the right direction. When asked how the rest of the season was going to go, Puffer responded, “Well, we just want to continue in the right direction and take it day by day.” Off the record Puffer went on to say that his teammates love to prove people wrong. He added that the Whales want to steer clear of the Gumbercules jinx and prove that they can with stand the pressure and take the division.

Jacque Puffer is the real deal and the Killer Whales are slowly becoming the team that everyone feared them to be. Just ask gydk and the Milwaukee Manic Maulers (38-21). Seattle just won 2 of three against them and in game 3 Milwaukee won 2-1 in a pitchers duel between Milwaukee’s Alex Calvo (6-1) and Seattle’s ace Kane Grahe (7-4). I asked the Killer Whales outspoken superstar 3B Denny Moss his thoughts on the remainder of the season, “I invite everyone to come to the Seattle Killer Whales payback tour, coming to a stadium near you!” I was speechless as I watched the all-star slugger head into the club house. The baseball world will have to wait to see how this plays out, but I will say this, look out American League. Jacque Puffer and the Seattle Killer Whales have officially arrived!

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