Thursday, June 18, 2009

1st Half Awards- American League

Here's how I would dole out the awards for the AL:

Most Valuable Player: Burt Stevenson, Milwaukee

Reason: A no-brainer. Leads all 3 Triple Crown categories (he's now tied with Buffalo's Julio Diaz for home runs). Also leads the league in on-base percentage and slugging. He is obviously the best hitter in the AL right now.

With apologies to: No one.

Cy Young: Miguel Benitez, Seattle

Reason: Leads the league in wins and is 4th in ERA. One could argue he's not even the best on his own staff (some of Kane Grahe's numbers are better), but it's hard to ignore the record (13-3 compared to 9-6) and his 5 complete games.

With apologies to: Grahe, Daryl Cashman (Boston), Lance Stevens (Louisville).

Least Valuable Player: Miguel Baez, Syracuse

Reason: This guy has 68 starts (55 in right field) and is hitting a whopping .142. His OPS (.388) is worse than the on-base percentage of 7 AL hitters. He walks a little and can run a little, but it's just not enough.

With sighs of relief from: Hub Barrett (Buffalo), Hideo Nakano (Boise), Clarence Hartman (Helena), Bernie Seanez (Jackson)

Cy Yuk: Louie Bolivar, Syracuse

Reason: No wonder Syracuse is the worst team in the league. Bolivar is 2-13 with a 7.60 ERA. The league hits .339 against him. Nobody in the AL has given up more home runs (27). Need I go on?

With sighs of relief from: Heath Caufield (OKC), Ham Bruske, Felix Comer, Lance Rodgers, Luis Piedra (Charlotte), Stephen Tucker (Boston), Danny Little (Louisville)

Fireman of the Year: King Burns, Milwaukee

Reason: This is tough, as I have to pick against a guy who has not blown a save yet (Carlos Carrasco, St. Louis). Burns is 19 out of 20, but every other number is phenomenal. His ERA is 0.77, his WHIP is a microscopic 0.47, and the league hits .086 off him. In 23 1/3 innings, he's allowed a grand total of 7 hits. Unbelievable.

With apologies to: Carrasco, Quilvio Sanchez (Seattle)

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