Monday, June 8, 2009

Team Analysis AL East

Since someone wanted to the about the scale I use to determine how I decide on the player I will try to explain it first. For the most part, I use all the players fielding ratings, not just range and glove. Also, sometimes a player could be developing at the position still, I only use current ratings because my advance scouting is only $16M. If they are still developing and have the potential I may mention it.

Deplorable means that a player doesn't have the ratings close enough to the recommended ratings to play the position in the first place. Sean Simpson is one example of that, sorry mfoster.

Inadequate means the player may have one rating that allows him to play the position but the rest is not close enough to be considered for the position. Normally his error or plus/minus rate indicates this. Like a 75 range and 85 glove in CF.

Sub Par means he has one rating that is really too low to play the position.

Adequate means he meets or is within two or three points of the recommended ratings to play the position. Like 83's across the board would be adequate for a SS.

Outstanding means he exceeds the most of the ratings.

As for the GB/FB, a pitcher needs to have a 1.50 or better ratio to be considered GB to me. That equates to about a 74. Mostly GB is 1.25 or better and that is about 60+. The rest I consider FB pitchers more or less and when you are in a hitters park there is more of a chance for long balls regardless of their other ratings. Any pitcher can give up home runs for any reason. A power pitcher may have more strike outs but for the most part throws just as many pitches as any other per batter on average, the key is less balls in play. However, very good power hitters like power pitchers. Many pitchers with a large number of home runs can be explained away by a bad rating or several and sometimes it can be the catcher or even the park.

Scrantons GB pitcher J.R. Guerrero is an example, he has given up two homers at home, a relatively neutral pitchers park, but 12 on the road. His Vsr is a handicap in the plus stadiums on the road and really doesn't get any help by the good 58 PC catchers.

Now onward to the AL East

Louisville Legends - Pitching keeps them in most games including the pen. Long Ball offense helps.

Defense 9 plus plays vs 1 minus play
2B - Age is becoming a factor to becoming inadequate but still gets the job done
SS - Outstanding
CF - Adequate

Scranton Janitors - Starting pitching gets them deep into games where the pen can take over. Offense is strong enough to eke out wins especially at home.

Defense 14 plus plays vs 5 minus plays
2B - Adequate barely, weak arm hurts relay throws
SS - Inadequate as weak arm hurts
CF - Adequate
Turns DP's really well which helps.

Boston Bambinos - Pitching is a problem at home. Hitting is pretty good at home but put up better power numbers on the road. Curse of the Green Monster?

Defense 7 plus plays vs 6 minus plays
2B - Inadequate
SS - Inadequate
CF - Inadequate
3B - Inadequate
Can tun the DP relatively well

New York new york - Pitching is very solid. Hitting is for average which isn't bad.

Defense 12 plus plays vs 15 minus plays
2B - Inadequate
SS - Deplorable
CF - Sub Par though justified with injury situation but gets job done
This is a case where an adequate SS could turn this team into a contender.

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