Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Team Analysis AL West

AL West

Helena Grotto Gottos - A power offense that doesn't rely on the long ball. Starting Pitching is mediocre at best. Pen is decent. This is a case where the numbers actually lie.

Defense 10 Plus Plays vs 4 Minus Plays
2B - Adequate
SS - Adequate
CF - Sub Par
Turns DP's really well

Seattle Killer Whales - Starting pitching is really good and holds the team together. The pen has its problems. Hitting hits better at home than away.
Denny Moss is actually playing defense for a change.

Defense 11 Plus Plays vs 14 Minus Plays
2B - Inadequate
SS - Outstanding
CF - Deplorable situation

Anaheim Chiles - Starting Pitching is good. Pen is not having success they should have. Hitting is under-performing.

Defense 6 Plus Plays vs 13 Minus Plays
2B - Deplorable
SS - Adequate
CF - Deplorable

Boise Shadow Wolves - Starting Pitching and pen has some problems. Offense is under-performing.

Defense 12 Plus Plays vs 11 Minus Plays
2B - Sub Par
SS - Adequate
CF - Deplorable
I must ask why a much better CF is playing 1B while CF would play better at 1B?

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