Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Team Analysis NL South

NL South

San Juan Dead Bunnies - Power pounding offense with good averages so they are quick strike and not just with the long ball. Pitching is good but suffer from the home park effects.

Defense 9 plus plays vs 10 minus plays
2B - Adequate
SS - Sub Par
CF - Sub Par
Turns DP's well. Most minus plays result from a deplorable backup SS.

Houston Riverdogs - Pitching is pretty good. Power home run team with a good mix.
* Jason Sprague draws attention here as I have seen this trend in pitchers lately. He is a GB power pitcher with a good out pitch followed by some mediocre pitches. For some reason they like arenas like the Juice Box, but put them in a neutral park, they tend to get lit up. To me they seemed designed for heavy pitcher parks but don't seem to perform well in that atmosphere for now.

Defense 12 plus plays vs 3 minus plays
2B - Outstanding - all 3 of them
SS - Outstanding
CF - Outstanding
Turns DP's well.

New Orleans Voodoo - Under-performs offensively. Pitching doesn't help.

Defense 7 plus plays vs 4 minus plays
2B - Adequate borderline
SS - Adequate
CF - Sub Par

Austin City Limits - Hitting is under-performing. Pitching is not so hot. This team is on the rise and will be feared in the near future.

Defense 18 plus plays vs 0 minus plays
2B - Outstanding
SS - Outstanding
CF - Outstanding
Good at turning DP's

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