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Season 6 1st Round Draft Review

This was an interesting 1st round of drafting to review. There are a fair number of guys who could very well have been named Pick of the Draft (at least 6-7 guys could’ve had that title). Also, there were a number of good late round picks as well. I think overall it was a good job done by the owners; cause the ‘Red Herring of the Draft’ is a decent pick really. He’s one who’s potential overall rating looks real good but the reality his ‘actual’ overall worth is about 15 points lower due to a couple of major weaknesses. Even with these weaknesses, he could end up being an effective pitcher at the major league level, cause his strengths are really good.

If you look at the draft history page for this season; you’ll notice that except for the one pick, each pick’s signing bonus is slightly less than the one before. Curious?? Looks like people were targeting guys who were very signable!! Overall, I’d say this is the strongest 1st round of prospects we’ve had. That said it does seem to be weak in one area, Starting Pitching! Also, has to be one of the CHEAPEST 1st round signing bonuses I’ve ever seen.

Here is the 1st Rnd Class of Season 6

Austin City Limits (NL) – Rich Porter - CF (Signed for 4 Million)
It looks like the Austin scouts did their homework etc, on this. There is no doubt will be seeing this guy on a player of the week feature. It’s really hard to find a weakness with this guy, but his Stamina is just ok and his makeup could slow his progress to the majors (that’s being real picky, I know). Rich will hit for decent power and have a solid BA; as well he’ll be a major asset in the field.
Rating: 9.5

New Orleans Voodoo (NL) – Miguel Estalella – Closer (Signed for 3.9 Million)
It is rare to see a closer taken this soon in a draft. BUT when looking at his potential control, splits etc…you can definitely understand the Voodoo taking this guy with their 2nd overall pick. Miguel should become a “lights out” type closer. If there are ANY drawbacks here, it’s his potential durability. It’s a little low for a guy who may get asked to go out 3 nights in a row (I doubt he’ll be able to). Still, in a few seasons this guy should be in competition for the NL Fireman Award
Rating: 9.0

Oklahoma City Obese Supermodels (AL) – Mitch Sobkowiak – 3B (Signed for 3.8 Million)
Again not a position you see taken this high in the draft. But with Mitch Oklahoma City gets a future Big Bat for their line up and a guy who should have great defensive abilities too. He would be a decent shortstop but he’d be an asset at 3B too (possible gold glove there). For a power hitter, he should develop a decent eye and contact ability at the plate. This will mean he’ll put some great #s. There really isn’t anything I don’t like about this future All Star really.
Rating: 9.5

Washington D.C Blue Coats (NL) – Andrew Clayton – CF (Signed for 3.7 Million)
Well it’s a close call but here is my “Pick of the Draft” for this season. This prospect’s potential hitting ratings are... well in a word scary!!! Major power hitter with a great batting average, definite possible future MVP material here. There two things that may hold Andrew back, marginal Durability and Health ratings. Even still this a player I’m sure nobody would turn down a chance to have on his or her team
Rating: 10

Toronto Toros (NL) – Geraldo Santayana – CF (Signed for 3.6 Million)
This prospect should become a solid defensive ML Cfer. Geraldo should develop into a decent overall hitter, his one weakness of a marginal RH with hurt his overall #s. Still he should make for a very good everyday CF at the ML level. The only thing is with this pick is you’d expect to get a little better of player for a 5th overall choice. Kind of looking at a guy who has perennial all star potential?? I think Geraldo doesn’t quite have that potential.
Rating 8.0

Boise Shadow Wolves (AL) – Einar Crespo – SP (Signed for 3.5 Million)
With the 6th overall pick, the Dark Hounds take the first starting pitcher selected in the draft. Einar should become a solid addition to Boise’s starting rotation in a few seasons. This prospect is really a sleeper of a sort; at first glance his ratings don’t JUMP out at you. But he should have solid control, very good splits and great overall pitch quality. Einar could very well become the ace of the staff when he’s ready for the big time.
Rating 9.0

Seattle Killer Whales (AL) – James Palmer – SS (Signed for 3.4 Million)
Here is a guy who also was seriously considered for Pick of the Draft honours (if Glove and range potentials were well into the 80s….). The Orcas get themselves a definite future All Star potential. He should hit for a real good average (definitely among the 10 or so of the league) and he’s god a little pop in his bat too. His potential range and glove are just marginal for SS position, maybe a 3rd Baseman… Again, as I mentioned which another pick, not much to say negative about this guy. Seattle will now have to see if they can get this prospect to his potential
Rating 9.5

San Juan Dead Bunnies (NL) – Bob Meyer – 2B (Signed for 3.3 Million)
There is no doubt Bob will make a fine ML player for the ‘Stiff Hares’ in a few seasons. He has great range and glove potential, but the potential with his arm marginal for potential ML 2nd baseman. Also, his RH split is just OK. All this isn’t so bad, but his potential durability is a little low. Still overall Bob should become a solid addition to San Juan’s line-up.
Rating 8.5

Syracuse Simpletons (AL) – Curtis Sierra – RP (Signed for 3.25 Million)
Here is another prospect closer taken early in the first round. Curtis’s potential isn’t quite what the Voodoo’s pick is. That’s doesn’t mean he isn’t worth being picked this early. I feel he definitely is. Curtis should have great velocity, control, RH Split, as well as solid pitch quality. All that adds up to a guy who should become a steady ML closer if he reaches his potential
Rating 8.0

Buffalo Blue Cheese (AL) – Dean Buehrle – C (Signed for 3.2 Million)
With the 10th overall pick the “Stinky Cheese” group selected the first catcher taken in the draft. This draft did have several decent catchers available, but the overall depth of talent in this position available was like it was a couple of seasons ago. Dean, I say is the best of group. He should have a great arm and be able to put up some decent #s from the batter’s box. His PC rating will just OK but considering what else he gives Buffalo, it’s acceptable. The thing that really stands out with Dean is his Durability!!!! The catcher position will be HIS and his alone really, a rare thing for the position.
Rating 8.5

Vancouver Golden Otters (NL) – Jerry Powell – 2B (Signed for 3.10 Million)
I’m surprised Jerry slipped down this far in the draft. Though I’m sure Vancouver is glad he did. Jerry’s potential fielding skills put him as an OK 2nd baseman at the ML level. It’s his offensive side that sells this guy. He could become a solid leadoff guy for Vancouver at the ML level; but one with a little pop in his bat. His ratings are pretty much standard for a leadoff guy: Great Contact, Decent Eye, Great Speed etc. So Jerry should become a valuable addition to the Golden Otter line up in a few seasons
Rating: 8.5

Philadelphia Phantoms (NL) – Alberto Vidal – SP (Signed for 2.9 Million)
Well with the 13th overall pick, the Phantoms get (in my opinion) the best pitcher available in this draft and 2nd best overall player available. If Vidal’s potential was a little better... If Philadelphia can get this prospect to his potential ratings, they’ll have a guy with Cy Young winning ability! To be honest, a guy with this potential and signability going this late… is unusual
Rating: 9.5

Anaheim Chiles (AL) – Gaylord Matheson – SP (Signed for 2.8 Million)
Gaylord has the potential to be a real good ML SP. Overall his potential ratings are really good with exceptional stamina. The one thing that does stand out is his overall pitch quality. First two are excellent but then there is a big drop off for the next two. The thing being, are the first two good enough to make up for weakness in #3/4? His splits are good but not great. This will keep him as a #3/4 pitcher, but he should be effective there.
Rating 8.5

Norfolk Destroyers (NL) – Dave Hodges – 2B (Signed for 2.8 Million)
My pick. While drafted as an infielder; his potential defensive rating shows him falling short of those qualifications. He’ll make for a just ok corner outfielder in a few seasons. It’s his offensive ratings that should make him a valuable asset. His only weakness here is his RH split, it’s just marginal. Still the other ratings should more than make for it. If I can get this prospect to his potential, he should put up some great #s at the ML level.
Rating 9.0

Boston Bambinos (AL) – Ron Cookson – COF (Signed for 2.7 Million)
Overall this prospect looks like a lesser clone of my pick above. Decent potential hitting ratings but weak RH and his defensive ratings also make him a just OK COFer. If Boston can get Ron to his potential, he should make for a valuable addition to their batting order.
Rating 8.5

St. Louis Silly Nannies (AL) - Kane Walters – 2B (Signed for 2.6 Million)
St. Louis gets two picks in the first round AND they are back to back (they also had the 33rd overall too). With their first pick they take a future ML 2nd baseman who should be able to put up some real good #s at the dish. The key with Kane is can he make it to his potential?? His health rating is poor, he could be injury prone and that could seriously hamper his development. Also, his durability is a little marginal too. Still IF he gets close to his potentials…he’ll be a good one
Rating 8.0

St. Louis Silly Nannies (AL) - Rafael Manto – SS (Signed for 2.5 Million)
With 2nd pick of the back to back pair, St. Louis takes a far less risky of a pick. Rafael should become a steady MLer in a few seasons. His potential defensive ratings are just OK for a ML SS but he could be moved to 3rd. His offensive ratings overall are just OK. Rafael may not ever make an All Star team BUT he should make a decent addition to the ML line-up
Rating 7.5

Salt Lake City Shakers (NL) – Stuffy Eyres – 1B (Signed for 2.4 Million)
With 18th pick in the draft, the Shakers take what has to be one the more unusual prospects in the draft. I’m not just referring to his name (though it’s strange too). This 1b/DH not only will have really good power at the plate BUT will be a threat to steal when on base as well. This kind of power and speed is very unusual, especially at this position!! Stuffy could very well be a 40/40 man at the ML level.
Rating 8.5

Helena Grotto Gottos (AL) – Adrian Hendrickson – SP (Signed for 2.3 Million)
With their pick in the first round, Helena gets a prospect who should become a solid ML starter. He should develop great stamina and control; his splits should be good as well. Pitch quality is definitely that of a ML starter, if makes his potential. Overall he not make it as the stopper in the rotation, still he has the potential to be the #2 guy.
Rating: 8.5

Charlotte Princesses (AL) – Nigel Acosta – SS (Signed for 2.2 Million)
Nigel should become a great defensive ML SS. But he’ll be at the bottom of the batting order on a ML line-up. His potential splits are definitely marginal for a ML hitter. Though his eye at the plate will be great and he should have good power; his contact rating is very low. This means inconsistency at the dish and lots of strikeouts. If he reaches his potential, he should hit a couple of dozen long balls and hit in the .240 range. A defensive specialist, Mr Acosta will be.
Rating 7.5

Jackson Vipers (AL) – Grover James – COF (Signed for 2.1 Million)
Here is basically another clone of my pick. But Grover has one thing my pick doesn’t, speed running the bases. His batting ratings overall are slightly weaker but still, he’ll put up the #s if he reaches his potential. Jackson has got themselves a guy who could in a few seasons, be an every day fixture in their outfield
Rating 8.5

Trenton Traffic (NL) – Roscoe Rigby – CF (Signed for 2.0 Million)
The Traffic gets with the #22 pick of this draft a player who could become a prototypical CF/Leadoff hitter at the ML level. Roscoe has great defensive ratings for playing the CF position and has great speed RIGHT now. While Roscoe’s batting average might be a little low for a leadoff hitter (contact is low for that spot); he’ll make for that with a little more pop in the bat than most leadoff type guys. This a very good prospect, for a very good price at this point in the first round.
Rating 9.0

Scranton Janitors (AL) – Luke Stein – SP (Signed for 1.9 Million)
IF Luke reaches his potential, he should become a solid #2/3 man in Scranton’s starting rotation in a few seasons. All his potential pitching rating are good except for control, which will be great. The two negatives here; first his durability is a little low for a starter (but not really a big deal) and secondly his health rating is a BIG question mark. I look at low health in a pitcher far more seriously than a positional guy. In my experience more pitchers get hit with more serious injuries (ones hurting their ratings) than do the guys playing other positions. Not saying, they DON’T happen but it’s more frequent with the guys on the mound.
Rating 7.5

Salem Sacrifices (NL) – Lonny Lindblom – SP (Signed for 1.8 Million)
If Lonny’s potential were better, I’d be saying here is maybe the pick of the draft. BUT their potential is just OK; also his durability is just OK as well. Still Salem has to be happy to get a guy of this quality at this point in the first round (and for a good price too). Even with these potential splits... Lonny could very well find himself at the top of Salem’s pitching rotation in a few seasons (though #2 spot is more likely, but it will be a STRONG #2).
Rating 9.0

Cheyenne Nation (NL) – Hi Fox – SP (Signed for 2.9 Million)
At first glance at this prospect’s overall rating and his splits…most owners would be drooling. But with a closer look, one sees two MAJOR weaknesses in this prospect’s potential ratings: Control AND Pitch Quality! If ML pitcher is going to have a control rating under 50, he’d better have great split and great pitch quality. Well Hi has one BUT not the other. I’m not saying Mr. Fox will not become a decent ML pitcher BUT he’ll be bullpen material. The low control and marginal pitch quality mean inconsistent performance at the ML level, not what you want in your rotation. There were a few others in the running for this dubious honour. What gave it to Hi was his very high overall rating; he’s not an 80+ pitcher
Rating 7.0

Louisville Legends (AL) – Trever Pierre – CF (Signed for 1.6 Million)
Trever’s potential glove and range are good for a ML CFer and overall his potential hitting ratings are good. Trever will not win a gold glove or a batting title etc. The one thing he does have is SPEED!!! Combine that with his hitting ratings, you have a ML leadoff hitter, who will hit a few homeruns as well steal a few bases. The one thing that will hurt him in the SB department is his base running skill. That being said, for the 26th overall pick, Louisville has got themselves a guy who should make for good starting CFer in a few seasons.
Rating 8.5

Houston Riverdogs (NL) – Wendell Lanier – SP (Signed for 1.5 Million)
Overall Wendell’s pitching ratings are really good. Good splits, real good pitch quality and solid control. The only thing that will keep him from the Riverdog’s starting rotation, his durability! It’s way too low for a starter. That means bullpen for this prospect. He should give Houston some quality innings from the pen though. Still is bullpen material what you want for your 1st round pick?
Rating 7.5

Chicago Snake Tamers (NL) – Shane Simms – SP (Signed for 1.5 Million)
Again we have a prospect that if not for one rating, he’d be SP prospect. Shane has great pitch quality potential and the other pitching rating have decent potential too. It’s his stamina that will keep him from the starting rotation. Now he could be a tandem pitcher but otherwise it’s bullpen for this prospect.
Rating 8.0

Milwaukee Manic Maulers (AL) – Bobby Ferguson – 2b (Signed for 1.4 Million)
The Maulers take a guy who’s potential defensive ratings are just marginal for the 2nd base spot at the ML level. While Bobby will not hit with a lot of power, he should have a real good batting average at the ML level. This could very well be a great #2 hitter in the Milwaukee batting order in a few seasons.
Rating 8.5

Monterrey Sultans (AL) – Matty McLaughlin – 3B (Signed for 1.3 Million)
The Sultans score as real good pick in the 30th spot of the draft. Matty should become a solid ML 3B and will hit for a good average, as well as hitting a fair number of long flies. This a great pick from this spot in the draft. Matty could be considered a little bit of a sleeper. The only thing against him is his durability, it’s potential is marginal. Right now it’s under 50; this could limit his playing time and therefore hamper his development.
Rating 8.0

Atlanta Bandits (NL) – Shea Omlansky – CF (Signed for 1.2 Million)
Again here is a great pick this late in the first round. Atlanta has a potential leadoff hitter and CFer here. He’ll steal some bases but hit a few long balls as well. The potential in the field is decent too. Again, his durability is a little low (also presently under 50) and his makeup is also marginal. Big question with this pick, can Atlanta get him to those potential ratings?
Rating 8.0

Fargo Dirtbags (NL) – Roger Hamelin – CF (Signed for 1.2 Million)
The defending champs take with their 1st pick, a future #2 guy in the batter order and solid defensive CFer. His potential batting ratings could be that of a decent leadoff guy but his speed on base paths just isn’t enough for that spot. Still, he should be a guy who hits for a good average at the ML level. There are no real glaring weaknesses, just a lot of real good potential here. In a few seasons, I think Fargo will be happy with this pick.
Rating 8.0

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