Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One on one with Boston GM tj01536

We caught up with Boston GM tj01536, one of the original The Bigs owners, to get his thoughts on his team, budget strategies and David Ortiz, among other things. Here's what tj had to say:

Of your three HBD teams, which is your favorite and why?
Tough call between this one, and continental. Been in both since the start, had better luck so far there, but like my future better here here, and the blog is great.

As I write this, your team is three games under .500 yet only three games back of division leading Louisville. Are the Bambinos more focused on the future or are they trying to take the division this season?
I would say in the near future I may have a winning team, got some good minor leaguers I need to get to the show though to really contend.

What adjustments, if any, would you need to make for the Bambinos to make their first playoff appearance?
Think I need that one monster bat in my lineup, and get the youngsters playing up to potential, and I should be all set.

With your Boston team, you’ve kept basically the same budget since season 1. What is your strategy come budget time and is it the same for all of your HBD teams or does your final budget depend on different factors?
Most of my teams end up around that same budget range. I like to get decent money in the scouting categories, so I can have decent prospects for the seasons to come, and try to keep my salaries fairly low by not taking on huge contracts that would kill my budgets in the future.

You’re always a big player in the international market. Arguably, your biggest IFA snag has been Ivan Hernandez, who is now playing for your AAA club. What are your future plans for him and how soon can we expect to see him at the ML level?
I may bring him up at the end of this year, or maybe the beginning of next. He will definitely start next season in the ML. Always liked playing the IFA sweepstakes, you can grab up some real gems in there at times. Others though, don't go so well. Honestly I think I have gotten more busts than stars, but when you get a great one, it's definitely worth it.

I see that you’re a Red Sox fan like myself. What is your opinion on what the team should do with Big Papi?
MMMMMMMM, tough subject there. Love Papi, and what he's done in the past. Honestly though, I think he's kinda becoming a liability, and at that level, he needs to be replaced. Kills me to say it though

The NL East looks ridiculously tough this season with the emergence of Toronto. Will the Sox make the playoffs this season? If so, how far can they go?
Another tough one. Yeah I think the Sox can make it. And actually go all the way. As long as the pitching can hold up, and they get the production from the previously mentioned Papi.

If you could change one thing about HBD, what would it be?
The thing that consistantly drives me nuts with HBD is the coach hiring process, gives me fits every time!!!!!! Gotta be a better system

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