Sunday, June 7, 2009

Team Analysis AL North

The cold hard facts. Will do these for each division once a day.

Milwaukee Manic Maulers - They are in first because of a power Home Run offense. Pitching is actually spotty even though they have an overall ERA of 3.99.

2B - Deplorable
SS - Adequate
CF - Deplorable

St. Louis Silly Nannies - They are in second because of pitching, the starters go deep into games and are backed up by a good pen and a shut down closer. Offense ekes out enough runs to win games.

2B - Inadequate but is getting the job done
SS - Adequate
CF - Adequate

Buffalo Blue Cheese - With 4 decent pitchers on staff and 5 good hitters isn't a winning combo.

2B - Inadequate
SS - Adequate
CF - Inadequate

Syracuse Simpletons - This team is way under-performing on the mound and at the plate. One of the best defensive teams there is.

2B - Exceptional
SS - Exceptional
CF - Exceptional

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