Sunday, June 7, 2009

Take 5

We've gone a little more than 1/3 through the season.

What are the 5 strangest trends we've seen so far this season?

1. Home Sweet Home???

Out of the 8 first-place teams, 5 (Atlanta, Chicago, Helena, San Juan, Salem) have better road records than home records. Milwaukee and Louisville are exactly 1/2 game better at home.

2. The Importance of Being Errorless

None of the 1st place teams are in the top 10 in fielding percentage. Three of the last place teams are in that top 10. 12 teams are below the league average in fielding; 5 of those teams are over .500.

3. Power outage in Chicago

Sean Simpson has 6 HRs thus far, projecting out to less than 20 for the season. His career low is 31 and right now he's tied with Monterrey's defensive catcher Bum Casey.

4. Payroll = wins?

The team with the lowest payroll (Jackson) is leading their division. Two of the top three teams (Fargo and New York) aren't. In fact, New York is in last.

5. Triple Crown?

It's very rare to have a Triple Crown candidate, but currently Milwaukee's Burt Stevenson (.369-26-63) leads the AL in all three. By the way, he also has more home runs than strikeouts.

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