Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Overall Defense Analysis

Some things I can tell you about defense.

For the most part, 2B, SS and CF is the positions that need to be real solid.

A point or two low in range may not hurt all that much, but when it goes beyond that, more hits, minus plays and errors start occurring.

A weak glove will not hurt as much as weak range, just more errors will occur.

A weak arm at SS or 3B causes more problem than most think.

A stronger arm at 2B and CF is also more desirable.

More range at 3B, LF, RF and 1B adds some benefits to the surrounding positions.

As for a catcher and PC, I'll take the defensive power hitter with a 50 PC or better, if not I'll find something decent in the mid 80's and up.

An error can cause a loss just as fast as a home run.

For pitchers, every error, every missed hit, every missed double play, every minus play means more pitches. To the team it could mean more runs that shouldn't have been allowed.

Errors happen to most players no matter what, they have seen to that and maybe a minus play thrown in also.

The old adage that "a players hitting overcomes his bad defense" has its limits. Find some place he can play without the bad defense.

Some teams whose defense makes a lot of double plays cover bad pitching those that don't may have fly ball pitchers, infield defense is bad or pitchers are that good.

Push/Pull has more meaning defensively and offensively when scouting a team than you think.

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