Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Team Analysis NL West

NL West

Salem Sacrifices - Hits well. Starting Rotation is good but not overwhelming. The pen is not performing well.

Defense 4 Plus Plays vs 8 Minus Plays
2B - Adequate
SS - Sub Par
CF - Inadequate

Salt Lake City Shakers - Pitching overall is pretty good, does have a problem child here and there. Hitting overall is good. Tend to lose the close ones.

Defense 18 Plus Plays vs 9 Minus Plays
2B - Outstanding to Sub Par
SS - Sub par to Deplorable
CF - Sub Par to Outstanding
Hard to justify as players get shuttled around often. Manager understands push/pull tendencies of other teams and makes adjustments accordingly or it appears so.

Cheyenne Nation - A solid power hitting team. Starting pitching is not dependable. The pen plays give up uncharacteristically.

Defense 6 Plus Plays vs 9 Minus Plays
2B - Sub Par
SS - Inadequate
CF - Adequate

Vancouver Golden Otters - Other than the power hitters rest of lineup kinda fails at the plate. Pitching is not great and waiting for the minors to ripen.

Defense 7 Plus Plays vs 15 Minus Plays
2B - Deplorable
SS - Deplorable
CF - Outstanding
Oddity: First time I have seen a pitcher with more errors than most fielders, must be that 0 glove.

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