Friday, June 5, 2009

Anaheim Signs IFA and Others

The Anaheim Chiles are proud to announce their latest pepper plant to the organization in Victor DeLeon. At a cost of $11.6M they get a habanero type pitching plant they hope becomes the hottest in the show. However he comes with specific growing instructions for a healthy career.

Neifi Gonzalez was signed by the Atlanta Bandits for the mere price of $18M. He could be really great, but his 3rd pitch may frito good outings.

Max Javier was signed by the Washington D.C. Blue Coats for $20M. Listed as a SS but I see him as becoming a GG 3B. Will have some very nice hitting abilities at the ML level also. They have already put him through his paces at the Low A level and has visited the DL with a case of blue balls.

The Austin City Limits spent the entire organizations payroll ($27M+) on Miguel Castilla. Their hopes rest on a definite #1 starting pitcher. In time they may have their dream of a Cy Young pitcher.

The Charlotte Princesses signed Quilvio Posada for $9.4M. After signing he had second thoughts being a real Prince in a school girls uniform. Management is giggling with glee of what they have seen from his pitching abilities so far.

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