Thursday, June 18, 2009

1st Half Awards- National League

Here's how I see the major awards after (just a bit more than) the halfway mark.


MVP: Bob Koplove, Houston

Reason: After a slow start average-wise, Koplove is hitting .314 with 40 HRs and 84 RBIs. To be perfectly honest, this is pretty much a dead heat betweeon Koplove, teammate Monte Duvall, and San Juan's Junior Tabaka. Koplove has the highest OPS of the three, so I'll take him by a nose.

With apologies to: Duvall, Tabaka.

Cy Young: Matty Eusebio, Atlanta

Reason: Tied for the league lead in wins, leads in ERA. He, teammate Stephen Michaels, and Fargo's Javier Henriquez are pretty much running stride for stride in this one. Some of the peripheral numbers (OBP, OBA, SLG) favor Henriquez; all three of these guys have been great.

With apologies to: Henriquez, Michaels.

Least Valuable Player: Nick Ramirez, Washington

Reason: Hitting .201 with an OPS of .527 (few walks, little power) and strikes out a lot (74 times in 87 games). But is it fair to criticize a defensive shortstop for his offense? It is when he leads the NL in errors (22)

With sighs of relief from: Luther Carroll (Philadelphia), Carlos Cervantes (Norfolk), Greg Burkhart (Fargo).

Cy Yuk: Turner Darr, Philadelphia

Reason: Has 18 starts and owns a 1-13 record. Averages just over 5 innings a start, but considering that the league hits .334 against him and he has an ERA of 7.31, maybe more innings from him wouldn't be a good thing for the Phantoms.

With sighs of relief from: Jesse Bridges, Curtis Sewell (Vancouver), Rich Gibson (New Orleans), Yuniesky Bennett (Philadelphia), Delino Montanez (Austin)

Fireman of the Year: Arthur Gates, Salem

Reason: Leads the NL in saves (24 out of 27). Has a WHIP Of 0.78, has an ERA of 2.66, and the league hits .183 off him. These numbers mean he doesn't just get the saves, normally he is dominant.

With apologies to: Alex Javier (Washington), Matt Skinner (Houston)

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